Do You Trust Living in the Unknown?

I didn't always trust living in the unknown. I like knowing what's going to happen, how it's going to happen and when it's going to happen. It's safe. Predictable. Comfortable. I can relax in the life I created and set up. Isn't this what we're taught and what we strive for?

As many of you know, in February 2015 I was laid off unexpectedly. I had been laid off once before in 2011 so I had some ideas about to handle the change, but had no idea how I was about to get a deeper education about trust, surrender and a new way of living. At that point in time, I felt my connection and relationship to myself and body was stronger that it had ever been before. I found myself wrestling with what I was “supposed” to do or “should” versus a deeper need to heed the loud call to not to do what I should do. What was I supposed to do? 

I was supposed to find a job and get back to the grind. 
I should have ignored the calling. 
I was supposed to get back to comforts of all that I knew before. 
I should have kept my life on track. 
I wasn’t supposed to feel like a failure and rejected (neither lay off had anything to do with my performance).

What did I do? 
I did none of that. 
I couldn’t afford my apartment rent anymore so i got rid of 99% of my things and stored the rest at my friend’s home. I rented a room for a couple of months and then stayed with friends. A few months later, my family suggested I take a break and come back to California. This was surprisingly short lived because I found myself back in NYC for a week and then back again 3 weeks later. I never left. I’ve been living nomadically for the last two years (just had my anniversary a few days ago). This is just the surface of what happened. So many stories to day.

Underneath all of that is where the heart of the story and lessons lie. In living through AND surviving, I know a whole lot about trusting and living in the unknown. The emotions that will arise. The confusion between what is right and wrong. Balancing the “shoulds” and desire. Feeling the up-leveling of your growth...and when it’s time to go into those deeper, darker, scary aspects of the experience how to navigate. 

There is a cycle. There is a process. I’ve created a framework to identify your unique process so that you can more confidently take steps towards your calling, desires, passions, and personal growth. It takes into account your history, how you engage with life and your authentic movement. (By the way, the observations and processes are brought to you by my previous corporate work experience as a business analyst and process improvement days...who knew how I’d use it again? Everything serves the next thing.)

Starting today, I’m offering a 3-month Embodied Guidance package working one-on-one with a woman. This is a first for me to open this up more formally as I’ve been doing this informally. I’m equally excited and feeling ready in taking the right women under my wings and eventually flying side-by-side. Let me be very clear, I’m not in the business of you doing exactly what I did. My intention is to be your guide as we identify how YOU trust living in the unknown. How do you Live Embodied? To view all the details, select the image below. 

The last announcement....I’m offering an online class “Everyday Ease” on Wednesday, March 14th at 8pm (EST). In this class, I’ll be sharing my step-by-step process that you can “rinse and repeat” to move through your day productively and with ease. It will be recorded, so if you want to join and can’t make it, register and I’ll email you the recording. For more information, click here

Alright...phew...made it to the end. Sigh. Not going to pretend...this one was a bit of a tough one. Really stretching here and practicing what I preach. I’m also going to take a moment to acknowledge myself getting to this point I’ve been resisting and fighting. I’m feeling the fear and uncertainty. And I’m doing it anyway. 

In ease and flow, 

Ninna AmoraComment