Embodiment = Alignment

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One of the many lessons I’ve learned about living embodied is the mutual joy and satisfaction of an aligned exchange with another. What does that look and feel like? 

More often than not, I’m going about my day and I either meet someone, receive a phone call, email or text that they heard I can help them with “X”. Initially our conversation feels like a middle school dance, with both parties open yet tentatively eyeing each other and testing the waters. In this dance, it can go two ways. 

When it’s not aligned, typically both parties can feel it’s not a right fit and there are no hard feelings. 

When it’s aligned, there’s a natural progression of excitement and possibilities. It’s in this space where the opportunity for expansion and growth occurs for not just the two of us, but for others in our orbit. It overflows and ripples. It’s EASY for all. Who doesn’t want that?!

I’ve guided others in a variety and combination of ways, it’s unique to the individual. If you’re looking to get clarity on a situation, support in how to listen/trust your own inner wisdom or how to feel your way through the unknown, I’m your guide. 

How can you live more embodied everyday? To quickly name a few…

  • Trust the impulse. If you have a feeling or hear a whisper to call or take a different route, follow it. What went right in following it?
  • You can’t do anything wrong. A friend recently reminded me of this and have since taken it to heart. I’ve been repeating this to myself daily. 
  • Feel. Allow yourself to feel. It often doesn’t last as long as you think it will. 
  • Follow the signs. They arrive in a myriad of ways…are you paying attention?
  • Breathe. When I need a quick reset, I’ll close my eyes and take a few deep intentional breaths to get centered and grounded. 

Let me know how this works for you and what embodied magic you create for yourself. Remember, it’s a practice…soon or later it will become your norm and it will be like breathing. 

In ease and flow,
Ninna Amora
Creator of Live Embodied

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