Puzzle pieces of 2017

With a few days left in 2017, I've been thinking about how to better define what this year was about. I know in time this definition may shift as it's part of a puzzle piece that is life. It's this analogy of a puzzle that feels most fitting. 

Typically, when you're trying to solve a puzzle, it comes in a box and there's an image of the final result. If it's an image of a coast, you can tell which pieces are the land, green for grass or trees, and then there are the blue pieces that could represent water or sky. At first, it's easy to sort out and organize the pieces so you can build the sections in smaller chunks. Eventually, those sections come together. Et voilà you've got a completed puzzle. Easy, right? You saw the bigger image and were able to re-create it piece by piece. 

Wouldn't it be nice if life were just as easy as puzzle with clear bigger picture? 

Over the last few years, I feel like I've been collecting puzzle pieces. Each new piece earned in new experiences, lessons learned and growth. Some pieces feel much more hard earned then others. Some were light. Some were dark. In either case, wondering what pile to put the piece in. Constantly asking how does this piece fit into the bigger picture? Hell, what is the bigger picture anyway?!?!

As the sections form, I'm finding myself wavering between two perspectives. Present to the current puzzle piece details and the looking at the bigger picture. There is a bigger picture forming and it's all starting to make sense. I find myself zooming in and zooming out within moments of each other.

For once, after the last few years of living in this unknown space of trusting my body intuition, it's all starting to come together. There is progress and I'm eager, excited to see what 2018 has in store for me and in turn curious to see how I take YOU along with me. We're all in this together. 

The last big revelation is an ownership of being a leader. Being the first to create a new path or opening a door. I don't write about this much, but there are moments when I really hate it. It feels lonely and vulnerable. At some point this year, I expanded my perspective to see what happens as a consequence of going first. I started to see other women following me down the path I had created. Not in an exact way, but they did so in their way. It was fascinating to watch myself in the fear forging a new path, then watch these women after me feel their own permission. It became a gift I was giving to myself and to others.

It was another big chunk of a puzzle section received. 

What are YOUR puzzle pieces and what is your bigger picture starting to look like? Any idea or clues? I'd love to chat about it. 

This is my final newsletter for the year and would like to end it with a big heartfelt gratitude to you. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your referrals and sharing about this work. Thank you for our moments of connection whether it be virtual or in person. Thank you for saying yes to sharing this space and time together. 

Wishing you many more embodied moments,


Ninna AmoraComment