Ninna Amora
Live Embodied is about learning to become vulnerable with yourself first and knowing yourself so intimately that the trust cultivated is unshakeable. The power of sensuality and embodiment is an inside out experience. You can’t think your way to it. You must feel your way to it and through it - in your authentic way. Through my guidance in a safe, sacred, and loving space, I guide you across the threshold into a deeper knowing of yourself.
— Ninna Amora

There is a reason we’ve crossed paths. I believe in timing. I am your guide in navigating unchartered territories inside of yourself. A soul guide helping you cross the threshold into discovering or rediscovering part of yourself you may have forgotten. We’ll find soul treasures worth more than you can imagine.

Together, we’ll identify and find your unique flow in how to best navigate and increase more synchronicity, magic and receiving in your life. I will teach you exercises that I’ve personally used to help me tap into knowing and trusting what is right for me so that I am open to receiving opportunities and experiences. And in some cases, together we’ll create new methods. The result is living in an authentic, aligned and embodied life. A life filled with more self-trust in living in the unknown. 

Your body is an oracle - even if you don’t entirely believe it (yet).


Who is this journey for?


A woman knowing, feeling there is a place that she can’t access alone. It’s a place where if you could just access it, it would open you up so much more than you’ve been able to using traditional methods. There is a desire to crack and break open more to feel, to be the woman you just KNOW you’re meant to be.

Here’s something to ask yourself, “What will my life feel and look like remaining safe in this space and never exploring this unknown part of myself? What is the cost? Am I willing to live with the consequences? Am I happy? Do I really want to be embodied? ” Not sure how to answer are some statements that might help and resonate...any sound familiar?

  • I find it hard to feel and connect with my body.

  • I don’t feel seen and known. Don’t feel safe.

  • Feeling shame for being too emotional.

  • I believe I’m I crazy?

  • I’m tired of feeling burnt out and guarded.

  • I over analyze decisions and fear, doubt takes over.

  • I’m scared that if I allow myself to feel any emotional pain, heartache, anger, resentment and will never end.

  • I feel stagnant and unproductive.

  • I don’t know how to connect to my body’s wisdom, sensuality and sexuality.

  • I’m not capable of anything magical.

  • I will only take a step forward if I know exactly the outcome.

If you want more than these statements, keep reading.


The live embodied Journey


Follow the rhythm of your growth and expansion

to trust the unknown

Live Embodied Venn

Through your journey, we will:

  • Determine your unique Live Embodied pattern and see how knowing it will help you cycle through them faster

  • Discover your sensual superpower move

  • Experience the difference between making a decision in your head versus in your body

  • Identify what keeps you feeling connected and grounded in your body

  • Cultivate a loving and trusting relationship with yourself

  • Authentically live in flow, bliss, synchronicity and magic (it’s not a woo-woo thing)

  • Navigate through your vulnerability

  • Learn the Live Embodied practice 

Journey Details:

  • Two 60-90 minute coaching calls per month via phone/Skype
  • Unlimited email and text access (and the occasional 5-10 minute call, if needed)
  • Accountability and consistency along your path
  • My unwavering commitment to fiercely support and guide you, with complete faith in your ability to transform your own life

System Requirements:

  • Internet access

  • Camera via smartphone or computer

  • Speakers (Note: During the movement exercises, it can be much more pleasurable to have the sound be loud and clear). I can provide an example of the type of speaker or portable speaker.

Next Steps

Let's connect. Select the button below to set up an exploratory call. In this 30-minute call, we'll discuss where you are and I'll provide some guidance to get you started. An exploratory call session is $25. Should we continue on a 3-month journey together, you will receive a $25 credit.

I made a promise to myself that when I started coaching that I would be up front with the costs to work with me (even if they are subject to change in the future). I believe in the work I feel called to do and that like my classes, I'll guide those that I'm meant to. I've had enough experiences and very clear that's how I best operate with others. I love it when everyone wins. 

To view the rates and payment options:


frequently asked questions


Why do you only offer this online?

You can Live Embodied where you are. You don’t have to be wherever I am. I believe there is power in learning in your own day to day environment. You can see there’s magic right where you live and you’ll probably discover resources right in front of you. Plus, I want to set you up for success so that you can do this when I’m not there.

What will our online sessions look and feel like?

There will be movement.

There will be conversation.

There will be vulnerability.

There will be depth.

There will be truth.

There will be love.

We’ll connect via a video call (I’ll provide a link to the free app). Each session will be different. Each session is intended to provide you exactly what you need at the time. The initial session will be the longest as we set intentions and lay the foundation for our time together.

How is this program different than a class or series offered?

In a class, I consider the overall lessons and experience applicable to everyone. It’s all about you. You only. We get to consistently work together for 3 months instead of a single two-hour class. You get my undivided attention twice a month for 60-90 minutes. We move as fast or slow as your body allows.

Why three months?

There are layers to the experience of embodiment. You will receive continued support as you evolve and access new depths, heights and truth (I’ve been there and done that...and continue to practice/live what I preach). Also, let’s be’s not going to happen overnight.

How can I get the most out of our time together?

Be open. There will be some inevitable resistance, I get it. But if you’re open, we can get to the heart and depth in perfect timing.

Trust. Trust the process. I’m in service to you, your heart, your soul and you living in your truth. I believe this is where the magic lies. Everyone leaves with what they needed (and didn’t know they needed).

Practice. Practice so much that it becomes automatic and embodied.

Play. See how much fun, pleasure and play is available to you. It doesn’t have to be so serious.

How much time should I expect to spend outside of our time?

It depends on what you need and how you Live Embodied. Could be a few minutes a day. Could be when you need it. Everyone is different. We’ll see what works for you.

Why are you my guide?

Simply, I’ve been made to do this. It’s my purpose and service. It’s taken me a lot to get to this space. I’ve had to learn to Live Embodied - actually, I was living embodied before I could name it. I practice what I preach. This text, this offering, this website, and my classes are all a result of learning to cultivate a relationship with my body and to trust the information. I would not be here right now (and you wouldn’t be reading this), if I wasn’t supposed to. I can say “supposed to” because I’ve spent A LOT of time denying, resisting and doubting this. So, if you’re scared, reluctant, uncertain about diving deep, I’ve got you. I’ve been there. That’s why I’m your guide.

Lastly, I know things. Your body speaks to mine so that you can better hear, see and trust it. I bring it into the light so you can see it too. Eventually, you won’t need me as guide because you are a living embodiment of your light and truth. And you just might up being a guide for someone else. I love a good pay it forward moment.