What’s your container for expression and release?

frozen air bubbles.JPG

When we want to get rid of things, there are specific containers to place them. 

Garbage for trash.
Recycle for paper, plastic, metals, electronics, etc. 
Donation for others to continue using them.
Compost for organic matter.

This is great for tangible, physical items, but what about the intangible items like experiences and emotions. What are you doing with that?

What’s your container for the releasing your emotions?
Are your hoarding them like a badge of honor?
Where are you taking them?
How are you cycling them out of your body?

Not every container and process of releasing looks the same. It shouldn’t. You are unique. 

The LE Movement classes were created as a container for a woman to explore, research and discover her embodied expression. The guidance is only intended as suggested prompts to query your body needs and desires. The answers vary and can shift in the moment. It’s this shift and following the flow that will lead to release desired. 

The other day I was on Facebook watching a video about this woman who dives below a sheet of ice. What really caught my eye was how the air bubbles found their way to the surface. The bubble stayed whole until it could break and find its full release. 

Are there bubbles inside of you desiring release?
Where in your body do they reside?
Are you ready to let them surface and break open?

There is a safe and loving container available to you on Monday, October 8th. If there's another woman that could use the releasing, invite her too. We're all in this together.

To learn more and register, here

Let’s release some bubbles together. 

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