What am I really creating? Will this work?

Yesterday while in the midst of creating new Live Embodied content, I was having a moment of uncertainty and wondering, “What am I really creating? Will this work? I know it will, but will others really get it?” I needed a break (more like cut off the questions that were flying in my head) so I picked up my phone for the distraction…what will it be this time…social media or texts?

Instagram said I had a message.

I live for moments that feel like the timing is perfect, the information or experience feels poignant and happens to be just THE unexpected thing to keep me going.

From her message, I’m reminded of the power that comes from conversations that occur after a woman has moved her body. She is connected and open to receive not only from herself, but from another. There’s a recognition of truth and understanding of what deeply resonates. The action taken from this place has both short and long term results. I see it happen all of the time.

Oh, and to feel a sense of peace in the newness…isn’t that the cherry on top?🍒

Ninna AmoraComment