Trust Yourself: Trust Yourself: Steps to Clearly Identify Your Process

One of my pet peeves for many years is when someone would tell me while I’m in a challenging and uncertain place in my life to “trust the process.” Initially, I would agree because it does make sense on some level and I know they mean to be encouraging. Over time, I really wanted to yell back, “what’s this fucking process?!? And, why wasn’t I given the memo with the instructions??? Did you get the memo?”

So, I went about living into an answer of this “process” for many years, researching for myself what worked and didn’t work. To this day, I’m constantly observing it others and myself. 

  • The woman who acts like the brat from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.
  • The woman who wants to give up and throw it all way. (Ahem, 🖐🏼)
  • The woman who finds everything is wrong.

The process is different for everyone. We are all as unique as snowflakes so why are we trying to fit ourselves into some mold? 

In this video I guide you through a simple exercise to identify your process. It’s part of the “mind” portion of Live Embodied framework. Oh, and just a little heads up…once you do this exercise you might find yourself remembering and appreciating life moments you might have forgotten. 

Let me know what you discover about your process. 

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