Follow the inspiration...

I’ve always wondered if anyone ever really wins the prize when there’s a giveaway for posting pictures on Instagram and using a particular hashtag for promoting something. I was really skeptical. Well, I now have my answer.

Yesterday, I shared a picture of myself and added the suggested hashtag to enter to win one of the daily prizes.

Today, I received the notification that I won a GoPro7 AND a watch!

A few lessons learned…

- On the way to something else, you might find something else fun and worthwhile. I was really on the way to an ArtFair and this popup caught my eye. I was curious and had the time.

- Follow the inspiration. I didn’t plan to go to the ArtFair until that morning and it’s only because I just happened to remember that there was an artist I was curious to see. - Put your hat in the ring and let it go. If it’s yours, it’s yours.

So….here’s to hoping you are inspired to enter a giveaway AND win TOO! I’m definitely going to try again! Thanks @bluehost and @tukwatches !!!

Ninna AmoraComment