I showed up despite the disappointment.

The number of attendees for my class today was not what I expected. I was disappointed by the quantity knowing the power of the container and experience I’m offering. I spent most of the time up until the first student arriving questioning my decision not only for this class but with everything around this work I’ve been inspired, led, and pulled to create. If nobody else values or needs this, what am I doing?

I’ve been here before. I had a choice. Focus on what wasn’t here and be upset for what didn’t go as I expected OR show up for myself and the women on their way.

I showed up. I decided that I believe in the value of this work and the women that were coming deserved to receive a quality experience.

I didn’t give up on love (and myself) today. I’m glad that I didn’t because I received affirmation during and after the class that I made the right choice. “The container and experience that you created and carried us through today was something very close to holy...certainly magical...and alchemized with all our individual and collective realities. Deep work happens in your classes. And I am grateful I was a part of it!” Song: Orpheus by @sarabareilles

Filmed on the GoPro I won a couple of weeks ago. :)

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