I’m only bored when I’ve plateaued.


It’s that time of year where I’m feeling the anticipation of a new season. The end of August and early September has always felt like the beginning of a new year. It’s all those years of being in school. Gathering supplies, new school clothes and books. It’s time to prepare for a new cycle of growth and learning.

A couple of weeks ago, I was hit with this strong feeling of being bored. Bored with myself, what I know, and frankly, calling myself out on my bullshit or limiting beliefs. I’m not regularly bored. I’m only bored when I’ve plateaued. This place previously once offered something new and exciting. It was satisfying. Not so much anymore. So, what did I do?

I started to look at this latest place in my life. I took an inventory of what used to be thrilling and asked what would feel like the “next level” for me. My body responded very clearly with an answer and my mind immediately started yapping all the reasons why I wasn’t ready for it. Typical.

I listened. I agreed. I sat and lived in feeling into not being ready…
“You’ve never done this before.”
“You still have to research and write.”
“What you’re doing is enough.”
All true to some extent.

Until...I reflected on all the evidence and counterpoints.

“Up until 2.5 years ago, I never taught a movement class. In that time I’ve taught hundreds of women.”
“I have lived my work. This isn’t theory. All the information is there in my journal pages and documents created. Plus, I know I’ll get some intuitive download when I need it - this happens all the time.”
“When I seek to learn more, everyone wins.”
Sorry, mind...you may have won this argument for a moment, but I’m ready. I’ve moved this through my body. There is a lot of evidence stacked up in my favor.  (I also know this is what I do. This is just a part of my pattern of expressing and creating.)
My next level is to share and guide others how to identify their pattern of expression to live more aligned in their authentic truth. To trust themselves and what they inherently know. The key is in your body, your awareness and your desire to cultivate this relationship of embodiment. Integrating your emotions and your mind. Integrating your head and your body. Integrating the feminine and the masculine.
In this “new year”, it’s not just reaching a new grade level. I’ve been a good student over the years and will continue to be. Now, it’s time to more fully step into showing up in this life classroom as a teacher, healer, guide. Lesson plans are being created. Homework assignments are lining up to support the lessons. This teacher is prepping. Are my students ready?
I’m curious...how do you know when you’ve plateaued? What does it look and feel like? What do you do about it? Also, are you feeling the call for a new level? I know I’m not the only one...talk to me. :)

In ease and flow,
p.s. Feel into your next level register for this next class with me on Thursday, August 31st.

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