Bed-embodiment & Invitation

Summer Greetings!

I know it’s been a few months. I’ve been hibernating and healing. Not exactly the highest rated summer activity (hibernating) when the weather is warm and beautiful - the healing part I don’t think you can actually “plan”. Even the form in which healing takes place can vary as one never knows what will do the “trick”. In the end, I think one possible solution serves the next thing you might try.
Anyway, back to what’s going on. I’ve spent most of the summer evaluating and re-evaluating what’s working, what feels good in my body and (definitely what doesn’t) and the ways I can expand and grow. A mid-2017 review. I’ll be sharing my findings as the summer starts to transition into my favorite season, fall.

One of my recent findings that I will share proves to me (once again) the “Case for Embodiment”. The Case for Embodiment is a series that I will be starting to share real and true stories that demonstrate the benefits and magic of an aligned, embodied life. It will include ideas and tips for how you can dabble in embodiment. Enjoy!
Case for Embodiment: Bed Hopping
First, let’s start with the current status of this story which is an invitation to an event that I’m co-hosting with my dear friend, Karla Lightfoot, on Wednesday, August 16th at 7pm at Hästens (see image for details and RSVP link to Facebook event page). At face value, it may seem like a fun event where you’ll experience a meditation (or hypno-tation) and movement, right? I think the backstory makes this event even sweeter and magical.
In November 2016, I was having lunch with Karla at a restaurant in Chelsea. As she and I tend to do afterwards, we meander on the way to our next destination. While walking and looking around, we noticed this brightly lit store that looked like they were selling beds. At the time I’d seen another location and had heard of Hastens, but didn’t know very much. We were looking at the window display and I suggested we go in. I definitely wasn’t looking for a bed and neither was she, but it could be fun to go look and see what the big deal is...they’ve been around since 1852 (it’s on their logo - they must know what they are doing).
We walk into the store and shared that we just wanted to check it out. The salesman was friendly and welcomed us to come in to try out the beds. He shared the history of the company, explained the materials and construction all while we would lay on the various models. About 30-40 minutes later (at least), Karla and I found ourselves unable to get out of their high-end model. I could have easily napped and spent the night. That’s all I will say. I’ll let you have your own experience. We spent about an hour in there. Since then, I’ve desired one of their beds (there are two models specifically).
Fast forward to last week (July 2017). I’m at lunch with Karla and our friend, Alexandra, just down the street from Hastens. We share our story from last Fall and I insist she have the experience after lunch. So, we go…
I walk in first telling them my friend must try their bed and we've been in here once before. Karla recognizes a woman who works there so I head to the showroom like I work there.
I tell Alexandra to get in the bed and the Store Manager (didn’t know this initially) asks if I want a job. HA! Alexandra is in heaven laying there. The Manager shares the company background as we head back to the front of the store.
The five of us are talking as women do and the conversations shifts to sharing they often do events. We’re familiar with these people and groups mentioned. Next thing you know, cards are exchanged and we’re talking about having an event at their space. Dates are being thrown around, phones are out to check calendars, and an event name all gets sorted out in a matter of minutes. MINUTES. Not days. Not weeks.

Just like that.

The image of us used to promote the event? We came back a few days later to take it. This is the SAME bed you couldn’t get us out of in November 2016.
You can’t make this up. This is just one of many stories or cases.
So, how can you take this story and create your own version?

  • Wing-woman/man. Invite a friend to try something new that’s new for the BOTH of you. I don’t know if I would have gone into the store by myself and had nearly as much fun as I did the first AND second time.  We were both/all game to explore and play.
  • Be present and in the moment. Ask yourself what would feel good to your body now? What does it need now? Honor it.
  • No expectations. I wasn’t going to buy a bed and didn’t know what would happen if we went inside. The second time, I didn’t go into the store thinking, “I’m going have an event here”. I just wanted my friend to experience some possible unexpected pleasure in her day. In return, Karla and I finally get to fulfill a mutual desire we’ve had for years to do something together.

Let me know how this works for you and/or if you’ve got a similar story you’d like to share with me. Comment below.

I hope you’ll join us in bed on August 16th!

In ease and flow,

Ninna Amora1 Comment