Embodied End of Year


Is it just me or this year flew by so quickly? December arrived so quickly. I can't believe 2017 is nearly over and 2018 will be here in a blink. 

December and January are often very reflective times of year for me. The calendar year is ending and my birthday is around the corner. It's a milestone birthday so you know it's even more heightened. What have I learned this past decade and what's ahead for me in the next? 

A few revelations and questions that I want to share with you that have served as inspiration and an invitation for offering two Live Embodied classes as this year comes to a close (Sunday, December 17th and 31st). 

Trust your body. Trust your timing. Trust your self. 
In this past year, what ways and how often have you trusted yourself? In those moments of your own perfect timing, what did you learn? What does it feel like to trust yourself?

You want to get to the other side, you've got to go through it. 
Have you tried to take a shortcut around or over what you don't want to feel? What happened? What did you feel instead?

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You're prepared for the next level.
How have you prepared yourself for the next stage....from the smallest to the biggest of ways? What ways have you or are you preparing your body?

How did you do?  I'll share mine, if you share yours. 

In the last two classes for 2017, we'll explore your body's answers to these questions. Your body answers may surprise you...let's see what she has to say. Perhaps, you'll end the year and start anew more embodied. 

In ease and flow,

Ninna AmoraComment