The in between moments

I believe there's a beautiful, reflective place we can easily take ourselves to, if we choose. To me, it's a profoundly insightful and wise space. It's a space where I find gratitude for all the things that did not go as I had tried to control or plan and seeing there really was a better way. I leave that space refueled with confidence to keep moving and trusting this process and my journey. What is this space?

This space is the "in between" moments. That moment where it can feel like a crossroad or let's be honest, is there even a paved road to be seen sometimes?! I've come into these spaces feeling curious, confused, excited, doubtful, uncertain or grateful. What I've discovered is no matter my attitude at the time, when I take a moment to see all of the little or big steps I took to get to this very moment I can see it was paved with some perfectly placed highs AND lows AND some in betweens. 

I can see how every low really took me higher and shaped me. 
I can see how if I didn't listen and trust myself here, "this" wouldn't have happened. "This" being the recipient of some amazing opportunities and gifts. 
I can see that when I allowed myself to really feel the hurt and pain, it really doesn't last forever. (We all know when we're deep in it, it feels like it will never end). 
I can see how resilient and courageous I am. 
I can see there are still some life lessons that I've yet to master. 

Many people would say it's not a good thing to look back and to keep moving forward. I wholeheartedly disagree. I believe looking back to identify helpful insights to remember how you overcame those difficulties once before can help you move forward. There are diamonds and nuggets of gold to collect so that you can shine now.

More often than not in the last couple of months, I've made it a practice to go into this special space. My body, heart and soul required it. Last weekend, I found myself in that space while at a business workshop when we were guided to write a manifesto (see below). When it was done, I realized I am my business and my business is me. Who am I? What do I do? What is Live Embodied? 

There is so much more to this work and I'm in the midst of creating it in service to you. Stay tuned. 

If you're in that "in between" place in your life, have you been in this place before? What worked? What would you do differently now that you know what you know? I'd love to know. Write me. 

Always love,

Ninna AmoraComment