Sometimes we are the last to finally get it.

Yesterday, I took a moment to find gratitude and to say goodbye. Over the last few months I've had this persisting and growing feeling that what I've been calling this movement/work/passion is more than just about being sensual and soulful. More recently, women have commented it's so much more than what I've been saying it is. I already knew this, but wasn't ready to let everyone else see it so explicitly. 

I realized this week that I've been hiding and sharing my talents in pieces - really, only allowing parts of myself to be seen. Years ago I outed myself with sharing my intuitive gifts with tarot reading (which at the time I've been doing since 2001). From there, my Love Drop Notes because I wanted to spread more love in the world. Next, letting people see I can help women get into their sensual bodies and better access their wisdom and truth. 

In this moment in time, I see there are the last couple of remaining pieces of myself that are ready to be revealed. While they've been there all along, I just wasn't ready to fully see it and claim until there was no denying it. Even if many of you who have experienced this work already saw or knew. Sometimes we are the last to finally get it. 

So, what is it? Of course, I saved it to the end...I'm still hanging on to the very last second! 

I am a healer. 
I know how to help you move your body so that you can break and crack open to feelings and emotions - and move through to the other side of feeling free from the emotional weight (we either know or don't know).
I teach you how to cultivate a relationship with your body wisdom, your intuition through a daily practice of exercises and tools. 
I show you how to trust yourself more and be empowered. 
I am a guide in showing you how to Live Embodied. 

In sharing all of this, things already feel more aligned and expansive. It's really been a journey that has unfolded the way it needed to be. So, I leave you with the are you unfolding? What have you revealed? What are you not ready to share and claim? Let me know. 

Always love,

Ninna AmoraComment