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May 20, 2016: Largest class yet!

May 20, 2016: Largest class yet!

I end all of my classes in a puppy pile! Nobody ever wants to leave!

I end all of my classes in a puppy pile! Nobody ever wants to leave!

I've learned something quite profound about owning who I am and living from a more authentic, aligned and often, vulnerable space. The more I live from that place, the more I've been able to connect with others AND others feel they can live from that place too. We recognize and know truth. We feel it. However, living from that space isn't easy. I'll give you a recent example that thankfully has a happy ending. 

In April, when I knew it was time to say goodbye to Sensually Soulful after using that name for about a year, I was filled with so much doubt. Would women still come? Would they understand what Live Embodied means? What if this was a bad idea? It felt like the right name, but what if this was a dumb idea? 

It felt like the name change was truly aligned with what this work is about. It would require that I reveal a bigger piece of the heart and soul of who I am. I can see it and say it now, but I was hiding. (There should be an entire series of posts on that topic alone - do you like to hide? We should chat.) I had a year with the training wheels and letting people experience the class for themselves. It was great research and discovery. Hiding served me for a bit, until it didn't. 

I was trying to find the words to describe the class without scaring women. Women were saying it was much more than I was letting on. I wasn't filling my classes or practice like I hoped. There was this lingering sense of always holding back a little, when I knew I was ready. 

If I desired for these women to get real and vulnerable in my class, I had to get real and vulnerable with myself. I really had to own and take the small and big steps to owning my gifts. I had to own my own journey of living embodied. I had to receive and see the results and insights the women were experiencing. I had to own the space I hold for women and that they trust me. I had to own I am a loving healer and guide. 

The result?
Two sold out classes.
Teaching 28 women (my biggest class to date). 
The emotional depths and healing are unlike anything I've witnessed.
The body wisdom these women are receiving have been even more clear. And in some cases, happening at such a speed that I'm left in awe.
And more, that I've yet to hear about. 

While, I will admit I see where I still like to hide (and it's not always a bad thing, I'm just not ready to reveal it), a strong case has been made for me to keep choosing to live authentically, to be vulnerable and to Live Embodied. 

Always love,

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