Do you answer with your mind or body or combination of both?

Well, I'm still in NYC. Who knew I'd still be here longer than I originally anticipated? I sure didn't, but it definitely feels right where I need to be. I've been here for over a month now and the number one question I'm asked after the usual, "how are you?" is "how long are you here?" Good question. 

My answer has consistently been, "I don't know." It's the truth. At first, I felt really irresponsible and wrong for not knowing or having a plan because come on...aren't we all supposed to have a "plan"? If you have a plan, that makes you "normal" and people can understand what that means. They can wrap their head around your plan. They can back your plan. They can really support your plan.

I say, "I don't know" and the responses and looks I receive? One would think I'm crazy or I'm speaking another language - like they are trying to comprehend what that means. I see more and more how much we like yes/no, black/white or solid responses. We aren't comfortable with "maybe". We aren't comfortable with the grey area. We aren't comfortable with "I don't know."

Let's be honest, do we REALLY ever know our plans?  I think a lot of our stress comes from unmet expectations and plans that didn't go as we anticipated. When was the last time you went with the flow? When you went with what is and tried to navigate through that? 

We are really good at thinking things through and analyzing all the different ways we could solve and plan an issue. Often times, that can be the best method. However, what if there was an alternative way to get an answer? One that could be even faster? One that could be even more clear?

The other option is to explore letting your body provide an answer. You're probably thinking, "How? I don't know how to do that." I believe you do and I'm pretty sure you've experienced letting your body do the talking and leading. I believe our bodies are talking to us all of the time, we just choose to ignore or dismiss it. We're really great a cultivating a relationship with our mind/head. We've forgotten to have a relationship with the rest of our body. 

Take a moment and reflect the last time your body provided some useful and helpful information. And not just the kind that kept you out of harms way. Think about the moments where your body led you to talk to someone or provided some insight about a decision. Feel free to write me back and share your experience. And if you're someone who can't think of anything, write me anyway and tell me so.

I look forward to hearing your body talking/leading stories via email and if you don't know, that's a perfect answer on the way to knowing. As a student of my own work/process, I trust my body will let me know when it's time. In the meantime, I'm going to explore living in the space of my "I don't know" plan and answer.

Always love,

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