Leaping into the unknown

About 3 weeks ago I started the journey of leading 10 courageous women into cultivating a deeper relationship with their bodies, their sensual selves to access the wisdom within. It was a very big leap or step into the unknown of what I feel called to do. In our very first class together, the women expressed a variety of emotions. They were nervous, anxious and uncertain about what to expect.  Guess what? I was feeling the very SAME thing, yet feeling extremely excited around the possibilities. It felt completely right. Several women already had the experience of a class or few of mine and there were a handful of new women who knew nothing – they heard the call in their bodies and honored it.

Good to know we were all on the same page of trust and leaning into the unknown.

I soon realized that not only were these women brave, but I, too, was brave and courageous to honor the wisdom to take the next inspired action. I was taking a leap and trusting my journey.

Last week, one of my students commented that she can tell the difference when she’s moving in her head versus when she surrenders to her body. She got it. My immediate and emphatic response was, “you all would not be here and this class would not exist had I stayed in my head.” I, too, got it. 

Three months ago, I finally found the courage to teach one class. That one class led to teaching a second class 3 days later, receiving an invitation to teach at a retreat in St. Thomas the following week, offering an open series of 6 classes, receiving requests for drop-in classes, selling out classes, and currently, teaching a 4-week series that is ending this week.

Did I see or know any of this would happen when I offered that first class? Not really.  I desired something to come from it, but didn’t know exactly what it would look like. Women were asking to be guided and taught how to be more embodied and move sensually. Could I really teach women what I’ve learned on my journey? Three months later and the answer is, “Yes!”

As you can see, a lot has happened and is happening. When I peer into my internal body map to hear and see where we are going next, I’m filled with the same sense I had at the start of my first class and 4-week. The road map ahead is showing me traveling to other cities for workshops, virtual classes, private parties/celebrations, etc. I’m even already getting asked to offer teacher training.

While I don’t exactly know “HOW” this will all happen or if it will, I’m going to continue to trust what my body has to say and that it will lead me to exactly where I need to be. If the last 3 months are any indication of what’s possible, here’s to taking more leaps. 

I hope you’ll join me.

Ninna XO