Letting light in

You know in the movies where the character makes a decision to walk away or take the unknown path to their dreams instead of staying in the known, comfortable, and safe space? However, since we’ve seen the previews, we already know it’s a pivotal moment for their life ahead. We get to live vicariously through that the soul - it’s also the real reason we watch and follow the story. We want to know what’s going to happen and could we or would we make the same choices. How does the good and “bad” serve the development of the character? Are we left inspired?

A few days ago, my friend invited some friends and me up to see her new home and farm. I was initially resistant because I had so much on my to do list. A mini girlfriends overnight getaway felt like the last thing I should be doing. I’m grateful I did it anyway. It was the best thing to do that was not on my to do list.

While I’m in a space of letting go of things in my home to prepare for moving out of my apartment and also moving into the unknown of my life, my friend is living in the creation of her desires. While others might be jealous or envious of the beautiful and abundant space, all I could feel was awe. I was in awe of the possibilities. She had a vision, a desire and here we were walking in it, through it and around it. Every detail I noticed was a decision she had made with one building on the other to create a cohesive home, really a nest for her family to grow.

I love experiencing moments that up-level the possibilities for what I can have. If she can have it, I can have it too.

On the morning before we left to head back to New York, I had to sit in her bathtub. My body was called to it. It felt like an egg or cocoon.  I wanted to feel surrounded and held in the curves of this beautiful bathtub. I asked for a picture to remember the moment. What I didn’t expect was for my friend to capture such a moment that feels hauntingly hopeful and filled with curiosity about the future of possibilities.  

It represents letting even more light into spaces and places that haven’t seen as much light.  

It feels like preparation for something more. Something bigger.

It feels like it is time to stop hiding.

It feels like an emergence.

It feels like the time is coming to stand in the light. 

I feel like this picture my friend took of me completely captures where I am in my life. I don’t think I’ve ever had a picture taken of me that packs in so many messages. I’m still unpacking it! 

I’m well aware and feel I’m in that pivotal moment in my life. I’m both actively moving through my own storyline and sitting with the popcorn on the edge of my seat to see what happens next.

Always love,


Ninna Amora1 Comment