3 Keys to Discovering Your Personal Wisdom

Do you know you have access to more wisdom than you realize? It’s true. We so often seek guidance and answers from others when we know deep down we already have the answers. I bet that once you hear the advice from your trusted confidant, you will say to yourself, “Yes, that’s what I was thinking” or “I already knew that”. See, I told you have a lot more wisdom than you give yourself credit for.  

You may think it is impossible to tap into your body’s wisdom, but it is possible. Here are some keys to connecting and trusting your own personal wisdom.

You live, you learn.

Look back at your past for lessons learned; the good and bad. What are the key lessons or two that you learned from that particular experience? What opened up for you and how did you make different choices with this information? We are quick to keep moving forward onto the next thing. Take the time to reflect and appreciate how you are evolving and growing. The information will continue to build on top of the other and you will see your inner genius.

Be your own best friend.

When a friend asks for advice about a situation you’ve been in before, you have no problem sharing your brilliant wisdom. Whether they take it or not, that’s another story - and the same goes for you. Are you going to follow your own advice? What would you say to your best friend? Offer yourself the same kind of compassion and understanding. Be gentle. Say those same loving words to yourself.

Your body is talking. Are you listening?

Your body is always talking to you, but are you even listening? Like any relationship, there is give and take and your body can share its wisdom by creating the time and space for you to listen.

Start with a few minutes a day and slowly increase the time. Don’t want to sit still and meditate? Try a moving meditation to a song that stirs your emotions. When the music starts to play, breathe and allow your body to move without thought or question. Give your body freedom. After a song or two, see how your body feels and the sage advice it may provide.

Who knew you were so wise? You did. Of course, you already knew that.

Ninna Amora is the founder of www.ninnaamora.com where her services are focused on helping people connect to the wisdom within. Her services include sensual movement meditations, tarot readings, Path of Yes charts, affirmation videos, and a 3-month Illuminate program. Using her intuition and ability to create a safe sacred space, she helps people shine their soulful light even brighter. Want to learn more about how to cultivate a better relationship with your wisdom and light? Check out my 3-month Illuminate program