Ninna’s ‘Live Embodied’ classes are a deep plunge into a woman’s natural, sensual and expressive movement. She combines her superb sensitivity, her astute intuition and a gorgeous playlist to draw out a woman’s beauty, unveil her confidence and unleash her passion. Enveloped in the magical safe space that Ninna creates I felt the permission to slow down and listen to the voice of my body’s own pure and unique way of moving.

And her celebrations are the best, most fun and profound way I can think of to celebrate a woman!

Ninna’s class allowed me to be with my body in a new way. And I’ve taken a LOT of classes. I felt a new level of compassion for where my body is, the tension she feels and the wisdom my body has.
— Clare
So much good has come from taking Live Embodied with Ninna. I’m able to connect more to what I’m feeling at any given moment, and recognize when I need to move my body. She’s given me the space to be exactly where and who I am, and feel confident in that. I’ve grown in my ability to be vulnerable, seen, and held by other people. I’ve grown in my ability to recognize when I’m the one holding myself back from my own power and desires.
— Katie
Every woman needs this! To be held in safe sacred space of sisterhood, to truly let go and to build a more loving relationship with her body and emotions.
— Christina Morassi
I cannot express the gratitude I have for my experience with you - it was so incredibly informative and transformative. I have been doing work a long time but the ease that healing happened and the grace of the information coming forward was so empowering, gentle and sweet. I feel relieved from the grief I shed and ready to re-empower myself through this pregnancy and my next steps. It was a pleasure being around you and experiencing you first hand.
— Kelly on her Live Embodied experience