As my fellow co-conspirator in assisting with this experience for the Celebration, we become Team Celebrant. It's not a role to take lightly. The fact that you were asked says a lot about how the Celebrant trusts you to be an advocate of her desires. If you weren't asked and you'd like to surprise a Celebrant, what an awesome person you are and what a lucky friend!

What does the role entail? Keep reading.

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...her celebrations are the best, most fun and profound way I can think of to celebrate a woman!


Planning & Invitation

The participation level for planning and inviting varies depending on the Celebrant's desires. Typically, the Celebrant provides the list of invites and the Co-Host distributes the invitations. If there's a post-Celebration meal or activity, they assist with coordinating.

Note to Celebrant: Choose someone who is well-known in your various social circles or invite more than one Co-Host to assist.


Celebrant Advocate

As the Co-Host, you'll have a front row seat in witnessing the Celebrant handle learning how to ask, surrender and receive. You'll hold the space and be an encouraging force for standing for her desire.

Note to Celebrant: Choose someone who can provide the additional emotional support.


Attendee Contact

I often request that Attendees do not notify the Celebrant they are joining the Celebration. All questions and concerns should be directed to you or me. You help me ensure everyone arrives on time and the Celebration runs smoothly.

Note to Celebrant: Not knowing is part of learning to surrender and receive.


To start planning a Celebration, complete this form.