To receive an invitation and participate in a Celebration is a gift that you give to the one you love (the Celebrant) and to yourself. To show up and take the time out of your busy life says so much.

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I was so honored to be a part of the Embodied Celebration. Witnessing and celebrating and standing for another woman in the midst of her unfolding journey? An incredible experience. Ninna held sacred, nonjudgmental space for us to come together in an intimate setting allowing us to all let go and enjoy the ride.
— Joann
How the experience of sensual dance among women in a sacred space quenches our longtime thirst to connect with our inner selves. It’s a return to an ancient wisdom of how to connect with our goddess nature. Blessings.
— Erin
I felt like it aligned with her and I wanted to do something to celebrate her birthday that embodied who she was. It was amazing to see the beauty of connections and the outpouring of love. Loved it - thought it was a really cool and unique way to be with friends.
— Galit



How you show up for yourself and the Celebrant is such an integral part of the experience. The combination of women that come together always works out. It happens every time.

You'll have an opportunity to connect and move for yourself first. From this place, you'll give from overflow.

Please arrive on time and ready to participate.



You'll be invited to participate in the experience either as someone that is holding the space or actively participating in activities. Bring an open mind for fun and play. It's a space without judgements.



With your presence and participation, please bring your loving energy. Help the Celebrant relax and receive the experience. The Celebration is about love FOR and FROM the Celebrant.


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