Blooming Spring

Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox. Meaning there is an equal length of time for night and day as we move from winter into spring. From darkness into light. From death to birth/creation.

I don’t know how your winter has been, but mine has definitely had some dark moments. There’s been plenty of hibernation, spending time in doors and often alone. Initially, I felt like something was wrong with me until I realized the season. It’s a SEASON of staying in to rest and reflect - and it doesn’t last forever. There is a fear that if I allow myself to feel it that it will indeed LAST FOREVER. We all know it doesn’t, but it comes up anyway, right?

I’ve been itching for Spring to get here. To finally shed the physical layers that I’ve been using to keep warm. The winter coat has been nice, but I’m really ready to get rid of it. In a spiritual sense, I’m realizing that I’m really ready to let go of some those walls and stories that I’ve been sitting or hibernating in this past winter. Can you relate? Let's chat about it. 

With Spring near or here, I’m really ready for my own flowers to bloom. I’m ready for all those seeds of desire that I’ve planted before winter to arrive and beautifully add color into my life. I’m ready to wear lighter and brighter clothing that match how I feel on the inside.

What are you ready to experience in Spring?

In my Live Embodied class last Sunday, I had the choice of keeping the class open or canceling it because of the low registration. I checked in with my body and it was clear canceling it was not right. I’m so glad that I continued with the class. I had the honor of witnessing these women embody their winter and move into spring. I swear it was like watching the best kind of movie that has all the heartfelt highs and lows that one would hope to see in a storyline that sticks with you long after. 

I walked away with the reminder that we all need a container to explore, feel and embody our truth. I know these women will take their experience out into the world and be better for it. I will be better for knowing and owning my place and purpose - it’s to create sacred space to guide women into a deeper part of themselves and to embody their truth, essence.

To encourage your unfolding and blooming in this Spring season, I’ve created a Live Embodied Playlist to inspire your movement and life. Just select the image below.

Also, if you’re looking to be guided in the experience of embodying the transition from winter to spring, come join me on Friday, March 24th from 6:30-8:30. (The music will be very different than the playlist below). Register here.

To blooming in your own perfect timing,


Ninna AmoraComment