Back To Where It All Began

Sometimes you have to go back to where it all began to begin again. For nearly a month now, I’ve been in Northern California. It’s where I was born and grew up before moving to the East Coast over 14 years ago. I didn’t expect that this is where I’d end up spending the end of 2015.
I should have known at the start of the year that 2015 would be unlike any other year. On January 1, 2015 I found myself on a flight back to NYC from San Francisco because I mistakenly booked my return flight for January 29th instead of December 29th. I needed to get back and apparently flying on New Year’s Day was lucky. Really? Maybe that’s relative.
A month later I was informed that I would be laid off from my job.
A month after that, I taught my first Sensually Soulful Movement class.
A few months after that, I had to move out of my apartment of 7 years because I couldn’t afford it anymore.
And for a few months, friends opened up their homes to me so I could get back on my feet.
It’s been a journey of learning to let things go. It’s been a journey of honoring and following the opportunities presented to me.  It’s been a journey of moving myself closer to living my purpose.  It’s been a journey of surrendering and receiving.
It’s December and I’m back where life started.  It couldn’t feel more right and perfect. It’s a chance for a rebirth - to relax, reflect, recreate and reinvent.
I find myself needing to go back to some of my favorite places around San Francisco to walk and reflect. It’s such a surreal feeling to stand in a place that was once a spot of day dreaming about the future or playing as a kid decades ago and here I am now in that future looking back at the past and wondering what my new future holds knowing what I know now. What an exciting and scary proposition, but I’m up for the adventure.
I don’t know how long I’ll be here or what’s ahead. What I do know for now is that I’m excited about two things:

  1. I’m developing an online program that I’m planning to launch in 2016.
  2. I’m selling tank tops, shirts and a hoodie dress with my brand on it.  (You’re getting the link first). 

Both are pushing my edges. I know I’m on to something. 
My desire around both of them is that it’s more accessible for more women to experience this work I’m passionate about and when women wear this clothing it’s a catalyst for conversation amongst women. The conversation can be your definition of being, living Sensually Soulful or to share how your body is an oracle. We all have a story that could inspire another.
With a few weeks of the year left, would I consider myself lucky? You bet. Filled with gratitude. I get to start again where it all began.
Always love,

Ninna Amora1 Comment