noun  rev·er·ence \ˈrev-rən(t)s\

"deep respect for someone or something"

Longing to feel in your feminine body? Desiring to move and dance sensually, but worried about doing it "right"? Do the self-judgements and lack of experience prevent you from even exploring or trying? Don't feel confident to move or dance alone for another? 

Welcome to Live Embodied Reverence. In this 3-hour workshop, you will be guided to authentically feel into your movement. We'll get you out of your head of "shoulds" and so into your sensual body that by the last hour you'll be ready to show the room (and the world) what you've got. 

You'll learn:

  • Your own definition and feeling of embodied reverence

  •  A whole lot more about being in your body than you give yourself credit for

  • How much being witnessed makes a difference in how you show up


This workshop consists of 3 parts:


Before one can be revered, let's revere ourselves. In the first part of this workshop, it's all about you and your connection. It's permission to explore your feelings and worship your body in the moment. It's creating the space to put yourself first and honoring that desire. 


Shared Reverence

Once you've established and feel grounded in that connection with yourself, we'll open up the space for you to interact with the other women in the space. It's an opportunity to witness others and be witnessed in reverence in this sacred sanctuary we co-create.


Embodied Reverence 

I often hear from women during or after a Live Embodied class...

"I wish I could move like this in front of (fill in the blank)."

"I'd love for {fill in the blank} to watch me."

Well ladies, here's your chance. At this last stage of the workshop, we're opening up this sacred space for you to invite that special someone or people to witness your authentic embodiment. It's an opportunity to share a special side of yourself and show reverence to the moving altar that is you.  You will have the opportunity to dance on your own or in a small group. See FAQ below. 

It felt safe and intimate, with the invitation to go deep and play at a level that felt right in the moment. Having it start off being cocooned helped create the safety & intimacy and well as a yearning for more.
— F

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any experience in dance or movement?

Nope. None. Nada. Zilch. There is never any choreography in my class.

What if I've never taken a Live Embodied class with you before?

That's okay. No previous class experience required. 

Note: I am offering a discount on Reverence when you register for the Live Embodied Class on Sunday, March 12th 12-2pm.

What's the difference between a Class and Reverence?

In Reverence, the class is limited to 8 women, it's 3 hours and you can invite a guest(s) in the last hour. In Reverence, an intimate sacred sanctuary is created. With the a smaller class, there is an opportunity for one-on-one guidance during the workshop. 

What if I'm not ready to dance alone?

That's okay. You don't have to dance alone. There's strength in numbers. You can dance in a group -- and I may just join you!

I can invite someone or people?

Yep. I suggest you choose your person or people wisely. This is vulnerable space. Invite those who you know would appreciate and respect this aspect of yourself you're so courageously sharing with them.

You can invite up to 3 people and you'll have an opportunity to register them (it's free).

What can my guests expect?

All guests will be expected to hold loving sacred space. They will receive an email from me prior to the workshop and I will again review the expectations at the start. Creating and maintaining a safe space for the women participating in this workshop is my number one priority. To receive an invitation from you is an honor and gift.

Have more questions? 

Feel free to email ( or call/text (917-833-5450).