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What is a Manifestation Moment?

First, I need to say that I was skeptical and wasn’t a believer. I thought manifesting was for “woo woo” people or just OTHER people. I didn’t believe that I could do it. I didn’t think I could manifest anything.

Second, I became an “accidental” manifestor through a variety of unrelated (or related) experiences that felt like teasers seducing me into curiously wondering what IS possible if I put some attention and awareness on what is happening to or for me. It’s not just the “good”, but the “bad” stuff too.

Finally, the frequency of my manifestations had me hooked that I needed to learn more for myself. How am I doing this? What is working? What doesn’t work for me? Why am I grateful for this manifestation? What did it teach me? How is it serving me?

I want more of these good-feeling-easy-going-delightful-happy moments.

I want to confidently and courageously navigate negative situations and RISE. And be better for it

I want more ease and thriving.

Isn’t this what we’re all here for? I am!


It's the moment when all of the elements of a manifestation come together for you to receive and experience your desire.

It can be both positive and negative.

A moment is ripe with information for you to use again or adjust in the future.


Now, whether you’re skeptical, accidental or masterful manifestor. Don’t you want to better understand HOW you’re doing it? Some of the benefits of knowing include:

  • Seeing the perfection of the components coming together for you.

  • The perfection of your timing.

  • Your manifestations may start arriving progressively faster because you know how to consistently apply what works for you.

  • Feeling more relaxed, at ease and surrendered to trusting yourself and knowing.

Without judgement, this class provided a way to analyze our manifestation moments in the way they happen for each of us, individually. Then we can rinse and repeat for ourselves.



What are the components or the parts of a manifestation? Some are obvious and others are not so, but they are present in receiving the manifested experience or tangible item.



Through the framework of a worksheet I developed to “reverse-engineer” a manifestation, you’ll see how you co-created the manifestation, identify the lessons learned and use the wisdom to deliberately recreate more possibilities.



If you learn something that works or realize what doesn’t work, don’t you want to apply it so that you can receive more? In the last section of the class, you’ll learn how to integrate the information to further support your growth and evolution.

It was really organized, the logistical breakdown of manifesting was eye opening in a way I hadn’t previously correlated. Loved that!

Class Details & Registration

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Live Online Class led by me (Ninna Amora) via Zoom. You’ll want to connect via video to see the information I’m sharing. Link details will be sent in your confirmation and reminder emails.

  • Capacity: 15 people. Participation is important. You’ll hear and share your manifestation style.

  • Worksheet: One hour prior to the class, you will receive a reminder email with the link details and a second link to download the file. The PDF is editable. Please remember to save…and use again for additional insight about how you manifest.

  • Facebook Group: Post-class you’ll receive an email with a link to join and continue the conversation, witness others and sharing of your manifestations.

  • Exchange: $50

If they’ve ever been skeptical of manifesting, this is their key to understanding.