Ninna Amora


In the lion pride, there are just no signs of dominance among the females, so they really are partners.
— Dr. Craig Packer, a Behavioral ecologist at the University of Minnesota

Deeper embodiment requires not going into it alone.

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You don’t have to be.

Prior to the private session, I was feeling overwhelmed and indecisive and during the session, I got in touch with my emotions, my body and they acted together to resolve a lot of the issues that I had been trying to resolve in my head. Afterwards, there was so much clarity and physical beauty; I feel radiant.
— satya



How to identify?

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— Sara Jane



How to identify?

The session was so powerful, beyond words for me to describe here, but I will try. In that sacred room, I was so supported, witnessed and held in Ninna’s guidance (along with some other space holders). The session was deeply personal for me, so this was really important for me to feel this way. Ninna makes you feel extremely safe so that you can move where your body needs to go. She also shares so much love so that you can feel supported especially when times in the process feel challenging. Ninna is like a fierce mama, she takes you to a place which I think every body should be able to experience once in their life (if you’re ready for it) .
— Carrie


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I felt connected and yet free to just focus on me and not having to cater to others. I did not open my eyes from beginning to end, allowing myself to be guided by Ninna and my intuition, while sensing the energies around me and seeking their physical touch from time to time. I felt witnessed but not watched. Through the physical expression it was an incredible journey into the deepest and most unfiltered universe of emotions and feelings I have ever experienced.
— Federica


  • Confident in knowing

Since the session, holy crap! I mean, everyone that I interact with can see the changes in my energy and how I come across. I have so much more energy and enthusiasm, and turn on! I also have a way new connection and appreciation with my body. I was able to feeeel the wisdom that my body had to say, which was beyond powerful for me. Events in my life are also unfolding naturally in a way with such effortlessness.
— carrie
I can’t explain it but if feels like a spiritual healing of old wounds that weren’t festering per se but weren’t completely healed... Almost like a physical non-visible old scar remover! It is about finding peace and then incorporating it. Just loved it.
— victoria




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