What time is it? Perfect timing.

What time is it? Perfect timing.

This is the additional prize I won last month with my GoPro 7! While I was waiting for it’s arrival, I decided that while it’s been years since I’ve worn a watch I would wear it as a reminder that my timing is perfect. It’s not just some clichéd phrase that I try to believe, but have so much experience and evidence to back this up that it’s become undeniable.

A few notable examples include…

  • I always end up where I need to be in service to someone else. Last week, I went back to the apartment early to manage a persistent headache. The cleaning lady ended up sharing a personal issue that was fresh and she was emotional. I held the space and offered her my encouragement to feel through this on the way to rising again. She was appreciative. My headache just happened to dissipate.

  • In following my desire for a cozy coffee spot to write, I end up meeting a man who invited me to be his New Year’s Eve date. An unforgettable experience even if nothing more came from it.

  • When I’ve recently experienced going through a growing pain, days or weeks later I end up helping someone I know navigate it. They often respond with “how did you know to do or say that?” Honey, I just went through it and know what would have been helpful to me.

Perfect timing.

I haven’t had the watch on me for a full 24 hours yet and noticed that it feels like it’s been apart of me for a lot longer. Everything about the style and design is what I’ve been looking for but haven’t been able to find with effort. It’s another reminder to stay open and what I desire will arrive with ease.

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