Movement is Medicine

Sometimes using words just doesn't do it for me when I'm feeling emotional. Many times there just aren't any words for me to say. In the last few years, I've learned one of the best ways to get myself through it is to feel it and let it move through my body as I feel my way to the other side. Today, there were tears. I could share the reason why I was in an emotional place, but I believe we don't have to have a reason to feel and/or cry. The reason is not up for judgment or debate. There's such a negative stigma around emotions and tears as a sign of weakness. In fact, I believe there's a beauty, strength and truth in the vulnerability and intimacy when someone gifts you with their tears.

In my privates and classes, women often cry. No judgements and only unconditional love in the space we create together. It doesn't matter if the cries are loud or soft, we all need a place to release and feel. Time and time again, I've witnessed women afraid to go "there" in fear that they "will never get out of it". Trust me, we do get out of it and it's never as long as you think it will be - even though it feels like a lifetime when you're in it.

Today, the tears were only on and off for a couple of songs. Eventually, I soon found my way to that sweet spot of knowing I soothed my heart and soul.

Ninna AmoraComment