"Your online presence should be in congruence to your in-person presence. It should look, feel and sound like you. Let's create an alignment of service trifecta: you, your site and your ideal clients."

- Ninna Amora


Don't want to learn a new website platform AND figure out where to put your content?

Have content, images, and an idea for your site but don't know how to make it happen?

You've tried to create a site on your own (or even hired someone) and were left feeling overwhelmed?


Let me help you jump-start and guide you through creating your site.

I will empower and educate you to create and maintain it.

I understand that this is more than just a site...this is sharing more of who you are with the world.


How does it work?

  1. Exploratory call. In this 30-45 minute call, we'll discuss your desires and needs to see if we're a good fit. Contact me via the form below.
  2. Proposal. After our call, I will send a proposal with the estimated hours and costs. Note: The estimated hours is subject to change should project needs change once we start. (Occasionally, I've had clients see the possibilities and expand the scope).
  3. Engagement. When the proposal is accepted, 50% payment of the estimated proposal is due. The balance is due upon project completion.
  4. Execution. Site development moves as fast or slow as you do. It's a dance. Depending on clients needs and response, it can take 2-6 weeks or more. I find it can be helpful and inspiring to ride the momentum of seeing the site in progress. No pressure. It's supposed to be fun.
  5. Celebration. With the site perfect as it is for now, we celebrate this milestone! Time to share it with the world!


"Sometimes we need someone to say "O.K., let's do it, are you ready?"  Ninna was that for me.  She was the perfect blend of nourishing, focusing, informed, skilled, catalyzing influence I could ever imagine.  I experienced a kind of effortless collaboration that was pure pleasure.  At the same time she gently held my feet to the fire.  She has the art of jump starting a certain momentum that's exciting and who would want to interrupt that?   That was a gift for me in this process that will stay with me.  I really think the deeper gift of the collaboration was that she helped me get out of my own way. If you know what you want but are a bit, or a lot afraid to take the next step into concrete manifestation I would say: call Ninna.

I have been touched, and thrilled with the feedback people have given me about my site. They say it is beautiful, authentic, and so me. One person said: "your website is glorious...truly helpful, easily navigable, evocative and simply beautiful to browse." For me this was the ultimate compliment."

Wendy Ball - wendyballshamaniclight.com

"For almost a year I had been on the fence about creating a new website. I felt that my previous one was actually losing clients for me. After seeing a post by Ninna on Facebook, I decided to give her a call to see if we could work together. We chatted for over an hour. She totally understood what I was looking for. I felt that we were in synch. I felt that this would be a joyful, playful experience rather than the tooth-pulling experience of my last website. Once we got together, she guided me to the best format, showed me how to pick the colors and pictures for each header/page, and encouraged me without pushing (understanding that my personal tempo was a lot slower than hers). 

Ninna always treated me with warmth, good humor and patience as I went thru the phases of wanting to change everything and then teaching me how to do my own edits. The site is beautiful and inviting. I’ve been getting rave reviews from colleagues and friends as well. It conveys the energy and information that I wanted to get across. An added bonus is that I have noticed many more visits to my FB page. 

I highly recommend Ninna. She listens to what you want, explains how best to get the right results. She gets right down to business and fulfills your needs in a timely manner. AND her rates are very reasonable. If you are on the fence about doing a website, give Ninna a try. I think you will be very happy with the results!

What my client says about my site, 'Your website looks amazing by the way!!! Really gorgeous and enticing!'"

Paula Liscio, Singer, Vocal Coach, Sound Healer - paulaliscio.com

"After several frustrating unsuccessful attempts at creating my own website I contacted Ninna for help. 

With ease, grace and the patience (with Me) of a saint she had my site live in no time. Ninna really understood how I desired my online presence to appear. She knew how my message would translate best through placement and contrast. 

I highly recommend working with Ninna and have referred her to several colleagues for their website needs."

Denise Gaffney , CPC & ELI Master Practitioner - denisegaffney.com

My tips to set you up for success...

  • You don't have to be super tech savvy! If you can follow instructions, attach/upload, work on your desktop/laptop, drag and drop, and have Internet access, you're good!
  • It's perfect for right now. Create and develop in stages. Lean into it. You can always change it.
  • Ease and flow! If you're feeling excited by what you're creating and it feels like you, this will come across. If you're feeling stressed in creating it, the creative juices can't flow easily.
  • You're more resourceful than you may realize. If hiring a photographer is out of your budget, ask a friend to take some images. Smartphone cameras are pretty good! Don't know what to say? Ask your friends or clients for their perspective. People want to help...you just have to ask.
  • Inspiration can be found anywhere - if you look! Sometimes you have to know what you don't like to get clarity on what you do like.

About Me

If you come this far down this page, you're either thinking, "I think she might be able to help me" or "How is that she can help?"

Well, I'm in service to people who are reluctant, hesitant, yet strongly desiring to finally answer the call to put themselves "out there" online. I understand the dance of moving beyond what's comfortable. To put yourself out there, can be a big step and to go about it on your own is not easy. I know this because I've been there and to this day, I still continue to push beyond my edges.

While I've been teaching an Embodiment practice the last couple of years, my previous work experience includes being a Business Systems Analyst for many years. I would collect and analyze business processes to identify the most efficient process and work with the corporate technology department to implement. In the last year, I've realized in working with my clients both in the movement and web development space, I'm using the same base skill-set, talents and gifts. The medium is different, yet I still show up in service to guide my clients to BE (in their bodies) and EXPRESS (online) more of their authentic selves.  

A majority of my clients all have a common thread - looking to have an online presence around their passion project or as a way to put a stake in their new chapter of their life. I'm very familiar with this situation and fears around this stage. I've lived it (in my case a layoff was a catalyst). I built this site myself using Squarespace with no coding background. I can teach you. (Also, when you work with me, I pass on the 20% discount on the annual Squarespace subscription for your first year).

If you like to learn more or chat about working together, fill out the Contact form below.

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