Each week, we’ll begin with quick updates, review content for the week and homework for integration. The video format will be like a virtual classroom where participants can view the content and see each other. The calls will be recorded and posted on the private Facebook page the following day. Additional Q&A and content will be available via the private Facebook page. Like in my Live Embodied Movement classes, there is a plan, however if I see that there is a greater need for the content to shift and change in service to you, I will make that change.

The content is organized in a manner to build off of the previous lesson with time in between to explore your own process and integrate it in a way that honors where you are. You’ll be provided worksheets and practical exercises to help identify your framework. For the movement portion, please create a private space for yourself to participate if you can or complete later.


All three levels will be covered in this course.


Week 1 Overview

  • Review framework of Live Embodied Levels and elements 

  • Identify what you know about your process so far

  • Clarity in how this serves your Expansion and Depth

Week 2: Movement

  • Guided Live Embodied Movement

  • Review the 8 elements

  • Tracking and embodiment

Week 3: Catalysts & Comfort Zones

  • When catalysts strike: Uncertainty and Resistance

  • Your comfort zone and pacing

  • Force vs. Flow

  • Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Relationship

Week 4: Bridging Depth & Expansion

  • Connecting your question to manifesting to your greater desires/themes

  • Diving deep into your depths

  • Exponential Expansion

  • How they serve you in your evolution and healing

  • Building a bridge between the old level towards your new level of expansion

Week 5: Wisdom of Milestones

  • Milestones

  • Using the wisdom of the known and dancing with the unknown

  • The geography of perspective & time

Week 6: Alignment

  • Guided movement exercise

  • Connecting the dots & alignment

  • Signs & Synchronicities

Week 7: Momentum

  • Momentum and thresholds

  • Refining your identified framework

  • Open discussion/Q&A

Week 8: Celebration...where to next?

  • Taking the known into the unknown

  • What’s next?

  • Embodied Celebration and Ritual



This program will include

  • Eight live online video calls

  • Printable Worksheets to identify your framework

  • Practical exercises and tools to facilitate more exploration and discovery

  • Access to secret Facebook Group for connection, additional support and content between weekly online live calls

  • Recording of live calls will be available the following day

If you’d like to get a feel for what it will be like to work with me before registering for the online program, I’m offering two free opportunities:

Also, while this is a new program, I’ve shared elements of the content in my classes and workshops. This is the most comprehensive and helpful information around living embodied I’ve offered. Feel free to read the Testimonials from women who have worked with me.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me at ninna@ninnaamora.com