Prior to the private session, I was feeling overwhelmed and indecisive and during the session, I got in touch with my emotions, my body and they acted together to resolve a lot of the issues that I had been trying to resolve in my head. Afterwards, there was so much clarity and physical beauty; I feel radiant.

Working with Ninna one-on-one is a life altering experience; one that cannot be put into words; the depth and rawness of where you go with Ninna’s guidance is priceless. Her intuition guides the movements and your willingness to go there (wherever “there” may be) is an alchemy of brilliance.
— Satya Twena, 33
Ninna’s ‘Live Embodied’ classes are a deep plunge into a woman’s natural, sensual and expressive movement. She combines her superb sensitivity, her astute intuition and a gorgeous playlist to draw out a woman’s beauty, unveil her confidence and unleash her passion. Enveloped in the magical safe space that Ninna creates I felt the permission to slow down and listen to the voice of my body’s own pure and unique way of moving.

And her celebrations are the best, most fun and profound way I can think of to celebrate a woman!
Before taking Live Embodied, I was terrified about allowing my body to connect to the way I’m feeling. Whenever I would get upset about something, stressed out, or overwhelmed, I would shut my body off and keep all that upset in my head. My head and body would be so disconnected and it would result in feeling exhausted, stiff and isolated, from myself and other people. Not to mention I would get so stuck in my head when it came to making decisions that I was constantly paralyzed with indecision over what the next move was to make.

I love that every class is different, with different people in attendance and different activities. Ninna is so great about sensing what the room needs and going with it. Every class I receive something unique and perfectly timed. Whether I’m going through something really intense or I’m happy where I am, being able to move my body and connect to those feelings and that place keeps me in flow and plugged in. She has the intuition to give you just that little push you need to propel you towards deeper resonance in your own life.

So much good has come from taking Live Embodied with Ninna. I’m able to connect more to what I’m feeling at any given moment, and recognize when I need to move my body. She’s given me the space to be exactly where and who I am, and feel confident in that. I’ve grown in my ability to be vulnerable, seen, and held by other people. I’ve grown in my ability to recognize when I’m the one holding myself back from my own power and desires.

If someone was on the fence about taking the class, I would say that they’re in the perfect place. The beauty of Ninna’s class is that you don’t have to feel completely sure of what you’re getting into to get exactly what you need out of it. I recently brought two friends to Live Embodied that were unsure what they were getting themselves into, but willing to put themselves out there and trust me. They left feeling so motivated and connected, and wishing they were in New York a little longer to take more classes! Even if you’re on the fence, having the courage to try it is worth enough. At the end of the class you’ll feel more connected, vulnerable and recharged to go out and take on your life.

A lot of other classes don’t create a sacred space for you to be, and Ninna creates that. You can be fully you and then take that out into the world, as opposed to being one way for two hours, and it diminishing the second you walk out the door.
— Katie Berlin, 22
Before entering this class, I was extremely nervous and afraid. I didn’t want to show myself and I knew I would have to be vulnerable. I couldn’t be more grateful that I chose to step outside of my box and enter into a world of vulnerable healing. Walking into the class was relieving. Ninna is very warm, welcoming and has an open heart and open mind. I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to hold space or stay grounded if I released any of my dark traumas during the class. That fear melted away quickly as it became quite obvious that she was not afraid to walk into the darkness with me. Even more, she was absolutely more than able to stay grounded and open through the pain that was released. I have done a lot of deep healing, but Ninna helped push me to a new place of healing and living in the present moment. I was able to finally leave behind thoughts, I was finally starting to hear the voice of my body. I couldn’t be more thankful to Ninna. I deeply needed the healing she offers. If you are afraid to take this class, know this is beyond a good choice. It was a necessary step in my own healing, and may be what you need too.
— Audrey, 23
I entered your class heartbroken, with open emotional wounds, and with an open mind. Throughout the movement experience, I was able to connect with and and process some of the pain I have been feeling, physically moving through and releasing some of it in the space you held for me. I felt my body speaking back to me, with loving energy it held in reserve. I’ve been to social dance classes that felt warm and connected... I’ve been to breathwork courses that helped me move energy around... but never before your class had I experienced such a level of profound listening to my body, the spirit in it, and that within other women’s bodies. Thank you for bringing my awareness and listening to a whole new level.
— Mel, 29
I was concerned with embodying my sensuality and in the warm-up, I became unabashedly sensual. If you’re on the fence about going, just do it! You will be safe!
— Celeste
Ninna’s work is ostensibly about movement, but it’s really an exploration of the mind-soul-body connection. I came to her not even knowing what issues I wanted to work on. She held space for me and facilitated my connection with my body. Through connecting to my body, I was able to begin to hear my inner voice. It has been amplified in the time since I had just that one session and I feel more connected to myself than I have in a very long time. Ninna is an incredibly intuitive woman. She will give you permission to let your soul free.
— VF
How the experience of sensual dance among women in a sacred space quenches our longtime thirst to connect with our inner selves.
It’s a return to an ancient wisdom of how to connect with our goddess nature. Blessings.
— Erin
I can tell the difference when I’m surrendering to my body - which helps tap into the essence of my truth! Isn’t that truly where we all want to live from?
— Sharon
Ninna’s class allowed me to be with my body in a new way. And I’ve taken a LOT of classes. I felt a new level of compassion for where my body is, the tension she feels and the wisdom my body has.
— Clare
Ninna holds an immaculate space of healing and expression.
— Sage
What would I tell someone who was on the fence about going? Don’t be silly.
— Zoe
Do it! Do it now! This was wonderful. I plan on doing privates in the future.
— M
I came in feeling stiff and while in class I felt a connection and moving my body how I want. I experienced a big A-ha today. Do it!
— Tracey
When you are ready, you will go!
— M
Just allow yourself to go out on a limb and follow your body. Ninna will help you feel.
— Bonita
Just do it. It’s worth your time and money. You can’t afford NOT taking the class.
— Ana
I feel loved, accepted and secure. Try it, what do you have to lose. It’s a win-win. I had no idea what to expect but, look forward to returning. Thank you for keeping this place sacred and for teaching us to be true to ourselves.
— Elizabeth
I was scared of what would surface and was happy to give my body exactly what it needed. The result is more trust and knowing in my body. You need the support to hold you in your journey.
— Sara
How I felt safe enough to totally crack open instantly and how I felt safe being so sensual with other women.
— C
The class became an organic expression of my own sensuality. I was surprised at how expressed I could be and it seemed to expand as the class went on.
— L
In the class I felt the expression, connection with my own body truth, release of emotions and connection with other women. I experienced profound gratitude for hearing what my body has been trying to tell me - loud and clear!
— Briana
Deep connection with my essence. I thought, “why I have spent so much of my life in doubt? Or with the small stuff. It’s healing and needs more than 2 session to go deep.
— Olga
She creates the space for the wild, vibrant, darkness, sadness, wounded, stillness, gentleness - all of the faces of what being a sensual woman means.
— R
I joined the class not really knowing what to expect and being stuck in a question that plagued me. Within the first minute of movement, I received guidance on my question...and I didn’t think it was possible. I feel open, supported and turned on to this kind of movement integration. Ninna is a guide - a body movement sherpa - to just gently encourage whatever your body needs, but nothing forced. You won’t regret it.
— Lizzie
There are moments in life that are truly transcendent. Ninna’s work enabled me to experience a level of emotional and spiritual
transformation that is still reverberating within my psyche. She is a gifted and powerful healer. Her work must be experienced as words fail. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!!
— Nina
I brag an amazing evening at Ninna Amora Live Embodied workshop! And I have to upride her for it. She created and held the most perfect space for me to be my most vulnerable. I was led through all the repressed emotions I had been holding, and was able to release so much with her. She taught me that our bodies hold radical truths that our minds can’t always access, and in her class I retrieved SO MUCH information that has helped me in my everyday life. And I have to brag my willingness to go to the deep dark hidden places inside myself, something I had to work towards for a decade and now its mine! I highly recommend her class to anyone who feels stuck or out of sorts, or like there’s a layer inside themselves they haven’t tapped into. Thank you Ninna! YOU ROCK!
— Madeleine von Froomer
I cannot express the gratitude I have for my experience with you - it was so incredibly informative and transformative. I have been doing work a long time but the ease that healing happened and the grace of the information coming forward was so empowering, gentle and sweet. I feel relieved from the grief I shed and ready to re-empower myself through this pregnancy and my next steps. It was a pleasure being around you and experiencing you first hand.
— Kelly Leveille
Every woman needs this! To be held in safe sacred space of sisterhood, to truly let go and to build a more loving relationship with her body and emotions.
— Christina Morassi
I walked in not connected to my body, feeling raw and lost. While in class I felt a deep body connection and connection with others. I immediately felt whole, more safe and connected in my body after the class.
— M
I felt apprehension to trying this class because it’s new. In the class I let go and felt held by myself and others. It was so surprising to get answers to questions from my body. The experience allows you to live by knowing what your body needs that you didn’t even know.
— Anonymous
After seeing a live demonstration of Ninna working, I knew 100% that I wanted in. During our private session, I expressed grief, guilt, sorrow...all my emotions and learning to feel and be one with them versus having them and arguing with them. Dropping into my body was so amazing, I am definitely more present which is a goal. Being present is huge and I now have another tool to bring me to a peaceful state. I can’t explain it but if feels like a spiritual healing of old wounds that weren’t festering per se but weren’t completely healed... Almost like a physical non-visible old scar remover! It is about finding peace and then incorporating it. Just loved it.

If someone was uncertain about working with you privately, well, first I would have them call me for a referral as flat words cannot express how grateful I am that I followed my gut and gave myself this experience but I would say it was a true gift to myself to allow myself to grieve in my own home and not think it but feel it out. Just left me feeling so incredibly light and left feeling so much love for myself.
— Victoria
I’m happy I got the opportunity to grieve a next layer of pain in a specific situation and received the body wisdom about some more general questions. It’s worth it to get to move deep feelings through the body.
— Jennifer
Try it! She’s amazing and it’s safe!
— Rama
Ninna is so raw and real and takes you there!
— Katariina
It felt safe and intimate, with the invitation to go deep and play at a level that felt right in the moment. Having it start off being cocooned helped create the safety & intimacy and well as a yearning for more.
— F
Exclusive, intimate, one-on-one sessions will give you the opportunity to be held and witnessed by a woman so that you can bring this into your life.
— R
I signed up for the class wanting to embody my sensuality and sexuality. I was able to connect to my sensual self and loved the movement. I feel relaxed, open, tickled and tender. I say try it and live into the mystery.
— Nancy
Today was incredible. I felt so many emotions in your class; from crying to joy to sadness to empowerment to pain and then pleasure. I honestly felt a little intimidated at first but by the end, I felt so grateful to the incredible women in the room.
— Flor Tejada
This is what I love about you.
Your immense range.
Your ability to play all keys and create space for women to play all keys.
Love you.
— Madelyn
Just do it. What are you worth? Are you ready to embody the sensual feminine freedom that is your birthright? The surest way I know, in fact, the only way I know, is through the body. And the first step is getting out of your head and saying YES!!! Say yes to being held, transformed, loved and turned on.
— E
This Live Embodied Birthday celebration was the best thing I could have chosen for myself. It reflected back to me the most love I think I’ve felt in a really long time. I could not have predicted the emotional expansiveness the celebration would create from within me, and I feel more like ME than I did even before the Live Embodied celebration. If you’re thinking of a Live Embodied celebration, DO IT. It’ll highlight all the ways you’re loved, and the ways you can welcome more love in. You won’t regret it.
— Lizzie
I was so honored to be a part of the Embodied Celebration. Witnessing and celebrating and standing for another woman in the midst of her unfolding journey? An incredible experience. Ninna held sacred, nonjudgmental space for us to come together in an intimate setting allowing us to all let go and enjoy the ride.
— Joann
Ninna is a powerhouse but not in the traditional sense of the word. She’s much more subtle.

Originally, I had the opportunity to watch Ninna work with other women and I was bowled over by her intuitive connection to each woman – regardless of the primary question, Ninna seemed to have this uncanny ability to meet each person where they were in a given moment. I knew I needed – and desired – to work with her.

As luck would have it, it took me almost 9 months to finally be able to join her class. And it was the single best thing I’ve done for myself in years. I’ve been in numerous movement / dance / yoga classes. Nothing compares to how Ninna works with each woman.

In January of 2017, I signed up for a special 3-hour workshop with Ninna. She carefully drew us all in to ourselves through guided “meditation” techniques that are unique to her work. She used music that was complimentary to the work at hand and that helped get me out of my head and in to my body.

My body immediately and simultaneously softened and strengthened. I softened in that I stopped holding myself “in check”. I strengthened in that I had the inner strength to begin to express what I’d been “holding in check”. I don’t really have words for the experience but then again, Ninna is all about embodiment and I felt it all in my body.

Entering the workshop I wasn’t exactly sure what I would get from it, I just had an all-powerful urge, an unstoppable pull to go to the workshop. I’ve learned to trust that inner call – she never leads me astray. I came away with a sense of my own divinity, my own commitment to myself, and a renewed trust in sisterhood. Ninna’s workshop flowed in such a way as to allow the other participants to mirror myself to me and, because of how she’d built our trust in and love for each other, I could begin to embrace a new way of seeing myself, trusting myself, loving myself.

When the walls come down – there I am. Strong. Beautiful. Resilient. And surrounded by other strong, beautiful, resilient women, each more so because of the others.

Thank you Ninna.
— Ceci
Walking into the class, I came with questions in my heart around big life shifts, living and loving money. I learned how to dance an answer from my body. I felt safe, free, and loved. It felt peaceful in trusting myself. I will take the dance your answer process home. I would tell others to go and discover how you will let go.
— Barbara
When you pause and listen inside for guidance about what wants to happen next you give every woman in the room a precious and vital role model. We are all bravely moving away from a masculine model of how to teach, lead and live. All of us learning how to trust inner guidance, trust pausing, trust uncertainty, trust an unfolding that isn’t entirely in our control. When you trust there is a Flow/Source of wisdom and knowing greater than what your mind can plan … you inspire all of us to do that too. In the class and in our lives. Such an immense gift! Thank you for having the courage, humility and willingness to be open like that.
— Briana Rose
I came on blind faith based on your posts and a Sister Goddess nudge, and I thought I was coming to support you when I was the one who was fully supported. I came in feeling stiff in my pelvic, hip, sacral region. I also learned that my throat and belly are where my release is needed because I want to create, be seen and heard. I loosened up so much from what I was holding. You have courage and I’m so happy I came to your class. You are a life changer.
— Tammy, 53
I witnessed Ninna as she healed a woman through movement. After seeing the transformation from rupture to rapture I knew I had to work with her. I desired to experience that exact shift that I saw happen before my eyes. I was anonymously gifted a private session in my home with Ninna. What an amazing surprise and tremendous gift. Working with Ninna was such an intimate way to tap into my ability to embrace my emotions and feelings and experience them through movement.
Thank you Ninna!
— Denise

Testimonial from Mother & Daughter

When my daughters gifted me this session, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t understand the concept of how you could move emotions through your body, and didn’t even know where to begin. It felt so intimidating that I could never even get myself to try to do it alone in the privacy of my home. I’m so glad I had this private session with Ninna. She has such a talent for this work, and I felt very safe immediately in the space she created for me to dive in and discover this type of movement. I felt lighter immediately after the session, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The best thing you could do for yourself is to book a session with Ninna. She is warm, caring and has a tremendous gift for this kind of work.
— Anna, 67 (Joann's mother who was gifted a session)
When my mother and I were at the “swamping” weekend at the SWA Mastery, I could see she was incredibly moved by the range of emotions that poured out on the stage from the women who had been called up to demonstrate. But afterward, she said she felt confused about it and that she just didn’t get it - the why of it, the how of it. I knew that this wasn’t something I could verbalize or intellectualize for her, that she just needed to experience it. And I knew she needed Ninna! My mother being shy, I knew a private session would be the best way for her to start. She was very sheepish and shy about it, but willing to give it a try. When I came back after her session was done, she was glowing, and looked energetically lighter than when I’d left. She actually said to me that she thought it would be more beneficial for her to spend money on Ninna’s classes than on therapy! She raved about Ninna and the session for the rest of the night.
— Joann, 37 (Anna's daughter)

I was smack-dab in the middle of a big heartbreak rupture for me. And, I was healing from a big knee injury and wasn’t sure I could move the way I wanted, but knew I wanted to. During the session, I felt like I was brave, I was present, I allowed myself to feel and move in a way that honored my body and allowed me some divine connection in it. Certainly immediately after, I felt GREAT! The longer-lasting impact has been a better sense of peace. Less judgy thoughts about myself. Do it. We have so much to heal in our bodies and in ourselves and we need teachers, facilitators and midwives to support us along the way.
— Libby, 53
This is what I love about you.
Your immense range.
Your ability to play all keys and create space for women to play all keys.
— Madelyn
Prior to the session, I was scared because I knew that by taking this session I would have to open up completely, I would be totally vulnerable. Ninna created an incredibly sacred and safe, loving space. Once I was there with her I didn’t feel scared for one single minute. My body exactly knew what it needed to do. It felt as if Ninna and I had become one being, everything we did and felt was happening simultaneously. It was one energy field co-creating something very special

During the session it felt as if a part of my being was finally born. Since then, I feel connected to my body, I feel whole, I feel grounded and centered. And I don’t have the need anymore to hide some part of me. I finally feel exactly right the way I am.

If you’re thinking about working with Ninna, it is normal to experience resistance, fear and a feeling of unworthiness. This session is a step towards most exquisite self-care and it takes courage to want to invest in the expanding of your inner light.
— Judith Hoppe, 35

....about Tarot Readings

Ninna’s great gift is not only to summon a powerful intuitive talent but to put into words the most constructively helpful and supportive thoughts and intentions. Through her readings, she embodies a gracious and glorious guide. It is a profound gift to yourself to have a reading with Ninna. I have reflected back on her readings numerous times...they are literally guideposts for me. I regularly ponder the wisdom she has shared and channeled and look to see where I am in relation to her beautiful visions.

She is loving and wise and infused with an ability and power that is breath-taking. I am both in awe of her gifts and so thankful she chooses to share them in this way. To have a reading with Ninna is to put yourself in the hands of the Divine Soothsayer Goddess.
— Melissa K.
The last time I had a reading with Ninna, I ended up spending a month in Bali and then getting divorced! So I waited until I really felt like I needed her before doing another one - these are potent!

Ninna is loving and clear, non-bullshit and specific in her readings. I’m not sure I even “believe” in tarot, except when I’m freaking out about a relationship, but I needed Ninna yesterday and she came through. The message she gave me was not about the guy, but about an internal shift that covered every area of my life, put a lot into perspective (including him) and left me feeling elevated, inspired and profoundly relieved.

I’ve been an executive and career coach for 20 years and I don’t put myself in other people’s hands unless they really know their stuff. You can trust Ninna to be truthful as well as compassionate and if you’re thinking of having a reading she is the real thing. You’ll love her!
— Mim Nelson
I totally recommend a reading with Ninna. She combined the cards with her intuition which is right the fuck on. I was stuck in total analysis paralysis with all of this good shit that is being thrown at me and I was worried about adding more input into an already complicated big life decision and her reading what so perfect, grounding and what I needed to hear. It was validating. Thank you Ninna! xo
— CL
Ninna Amora has an energy and spirit that is beautiful and intuitive. She read my cards more than once and each time she gave insight into a part of my future I needed to know. She was accurate in the information she explained about my present and future and yet the reading felt safe and incredibly soul-full.
— L
Having received multiple tarot readings from Ninna, I can say you are guaranteed to have a great experience. Her readings were thoughtful, thorough, and made me feel she was always incredibly in tune with me. Each time I left with intriguing food for thought. Give it a try!
— M
Ninna is a powerhouse of intuition, beauty and grace. She lights up any room with her sweet yet seductive smile and penetrates deep into your inner depths with her Divine wisdom from the Tarot. Her readings bring great accuracy, clarity, & guidance to help you move forward in your life and take your life to the next level. I highly recommend her as a guide.
— D
Ninna has read my cards on multiple occasions, and each reading was better than the one before. Her wisdom and intuition are a force to be reckoned with. She has an amazing ability to read what I have been feeling, but usually am unable to put words to myself. The experience is so deeply moving and Ninna’s ability to hold that sacred and compassionate space enhance the experience all the more. I am always blown away by her readings, they are truly an experience of the soul.
— Lauren
Starting a new business and wanted to get insight about where I am and how to best move myself forward. Also feeling tension in some relationships regarding boundaries and where I should be actively taking action and where I should do less. During the reading, I received confirmation of some of the conflicts I’m feeling and what changes I can make to release some of the tension around it. ...for example others requests of me and how much this can take out of me. Ninna also shared some great visuals of some of the situations I’m in that can help me really FEEL into where I am and have a sensory experience around the current situation and how it feels to do something different. I also got a great insight about some money challenges that allowed me to take specific steps to resolve.

Post reading, I am more aware of how I want to spend my time and energy...and how important it is to use it carefully. And that others may expect me to do the same as I’ve always done but I have to change and by doing that they will step up. My money situation feels less challenging and more manageable.

I would say to someone who was uncertain about having a reading, “DO IT!”

I loved having a reading with you. You are connected and wise and generous with your gifts- I feel very fortunate to have you in my circle!
— Clare
Ninna’s readings are very helpful because they are always practical and with real feedback about how to best deal with the situation at hand.
— W
When life gets confusing at times, I would ask Ninna for a reading. I leave the reading with clarity and definite direction.
— E
It was great fun and especially hearing things that felt good in my body. There wasn’t anything that she came with that felt off, it was all positive especially the part about showing up in business; that hit home base.
— Jeyan
My reading with Ninna is one I still reflect on. She creates such a safe zone and even though it wasn’t exactly what I wanted up hear, it was the truth and saved me so much pain and money. I loved every minute of it!
— Victoria
Ninna has an innate ability to channel authentic accurate information about anyone, without even knowing the person. The first time Ninna gave me a reading she asked me a question that made me think how did she know about this? Another time when she was giving me a reading in a restaurant, she picked up on a curious waiter and she was surrendered enough to offer a reading to him and she took her time to give him the message he needed to hear.

Ninna’s generous heart is invested in leading humanity to light and she has the gift of vision and access to her channel that gives her the ability to do so.

I recommended Ninna to a friend in India and Ninna gave her a reading on Skype and my friend was very happy with her reading.

I would recommend Ninna to anyone in a heartbeat because I know that it would be a gift to that person to receive an intuitive message from her.
— Simin Vaswani (Artist & IT Director)
Ninna is a very gifted and generous intuit. The tarot card reading she gave me was very useful to help make a transition and wake me up. I was impressed that she took the time to ask related questions and wanted to be certain that she was making sense. Her words resonated with me and were a welcome corroboration of my own inner wisdom and hunches. After the session I felt lighter and more inspired!
— Tara D. (Painter, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Over the past year I have had several readings with Ninna and each time she has shared insights that authentically represent my truths. She has a way of looking deeply into your soul and expressing what she sees lovingly and with tenderness. Her energy and passion immediately make you feel comfortable in trusting her to reveal what you need to see at that very moment. Ninna’s intuitiveness and ability to hold that sacred space is a true gift.
— Vanessa
Ninna clearly has a special and sacred connection with the spiritual world. Having not had my cards read previously, I was open albeit a bit cautious. I knew I didn’t want to pick my own cards and luckily, I didn’t have to! Ninna has a variety of card decks and uses the ones that are inspiring. She clearly communicated what she read and it was easy to understand. Ninna has an incredible gift, she speaks what she reads. I was a little concerned it might not make any sense, which was unfounded - Ninna was clear and the card reading message resonated deeply within me. It was an amazing experience and something I plan to repeat in the future when I need additional guidance from the spiritual world.
— J
Ninna’s intuitive readings are incredible! She allows the energy and meaning of the cards along with her deep intuition to guide her while she reveals what she sees. She has been right on and sometimes even more insightful for me, especially when compared to astrological and other intuitive readings. I have watched her readings come to life right before my eyes, allowing me to navigate with much more ease and grace. As a person and a reader, Ninna is kind, loving, and highly intuitive and most of all she’s a straight shooter who tells it like it is. You owe it to yourself to have a reading with her!
— K
I highly recommend receiving a tarot card reading from Ninna. During the reading, it is very apparent that Ninna genuinely cares about the information she is providing to you and how it can help you with moving towards your goals in life - whether it be in love, career, or money. One important thing to remember about Ninna’s readings is that often the cards that are dealt are usually what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear. This has always been a powerful thing for me because after every reading, I’ve always walked away with a clearer sense of my inner self as well as what I need to do to move forward (particularly concerning relationships and career).
— Margaux
Last week I had a reading with Ninna while stretched out on the grass in the park. I am going through many transitions that are happening all at the same time and I came into the reading questioning everything that’s been going on; the usual coulda, woulda, shoulda...Ninna’s calm energy during my reading put me at ease and I was open to receiving and finding out answers thanks to her gentle guidance.

The reading resonated with my current state of mind and was super accurate! I left feeling empowered and with this certainty that all is heading into the right direction.

I didn’t tell Ninna that I had a reading a little over a month ago with other Tarot Reader and both readings were pretty much in alignment with each other!!! Ninna’s loving, calm nature will guide you gently through your journey with the friendliest read you will ever experience.
— Aleksandra
I was always curious about tarot card readings because I wanted to see how accurate the readings were when it came to my life. Ninna read my cards a couple times and I asked her a couple questions. I didn’t ask her out loud, but I asked the questions in my head, which she said was perfectly fine. Her answers were clear and sometimes even descriptive which I thought was really cool. When she gave me a general reading, she answered me clearly as much as she could. And if I had questions about her answers, she was able to elaborate even further. Usually after the readings, Ninna will explain what the cards represent and why they represent those meanings. She’s not making it up as she goes along. Ninna is friendly and is an easy person to talk to. So openly talking to her about what was going on in my personal life was easy and even therapeutic. However, if I really wanted to keep some things to myself she won’t dig for answers.

I hope your experience(s) are as good as mine!
— Y