Love Drop Notes

Love Drop Notes


Love Anonymously. Or not so Anonymously.

The idea is quite simple and fun. It’s about dropping love in the real world and sharing it with the virtual world. 

Are you a Love Dropper or Love Droppee?

Love Dropper: Enjoys giving, spreading inspiration, love and magic

Love Droppee: A very special someone who receives the love and magic; inspires others by sharing and/or passing on the Love Drop Note

Each packet contains 5 Love Drop Notes (2x3” business cards size). Love Drop Notes colors in each packet vary and were infused with love. 

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Here's how it works

  1. Purchase some Love Drop Notes.
  2. Write a loving message, compliment, wish, gratitude, desire, or suggest a random act of kindness (purchase a coffee for the person behind you or give 5 people a hug, get the idea). Feel free to write the notes out ahead of time and keep them on you to drop when you’re inspired OR keep blank LDN’s and write them when someone inspires you (know someone who needs a little pick me up, maybe acknowledge how wonderful they are, or if you’re single and see someone interesting, it’s a fun way to connect).
  3. To Love Anonymously or not? The choice is yours to add your social media handle to the front of the LDN.
  4. Let the Love Dropping begin….drop, drop, DROP.
    • Where and how do you drop? Where they will receive it...on their desk, in their bag, on their phone when they aren't looking. Anywhere that makes it clear that it's for them. Be creative or not. 

Congratulations you’re officially a LOVE DROPPER! ….now what?

On social media, search @lovedropnotes and  #lovedropnotes to see if they’ve shared your LDN. If you’ve left your social media handle, they just might tag you.

What about the Love Droppee?

Who knows what magic and inspiration you’ve created as the Love Dropper. That’s the beauty of it. You just created a loving experience for someone you know or don’t even know. Sometimes it’s better to give, than to receive.

Are you a Love Droppee that’s found your way here?

Congratulations! You’re so loved by someone very special.

Now, it’s your turn to share your LDN received via the virtual world (social media) and the real world (keep it where others can see it or pass the love along).