Live Embodied Private Session (2 hours)

Live Embodied Private Session (2 hours)


With Live Embodied Movement, I’m passionate about women feeling and living more embodied in her power. For you to feel, know and trust the inner wisdom, intuition of your body. Your body has its very own language and knowing. There is power in moving through the emotions that arise.

A two-hour private session is for you, if:

  • You feel stuck or stagnant emotionally and energetically.

  • You've been talking and talking about the problem with little to no resolution. 

  • You have or haven't tried moving it through your body.

  • You have tried to feel your way through it on your own and are hesitant or afraid to search deeper on your own. 

Private sessions are a perfect opportunity to receive undivided attention, to be witnessed and seen in all the shades of your emotion and movement. The experience is completely co-created. The experience is a beautiful dance of your body speaking to me and I’m intuitively listening. I’m guiding and you’re following -- although, at times it can feel your body is guiding and we're following. It’s an opportunity to be with any emotions or feelings you have in the moment and moving through them. Sometimes there are words and often times not. It’s a magical and divine experience. Just like my group classes, private sessions are unique experiences. No two are alike. We’ll honor where you are in each of our sessions.

How does a private session work?

  1. Complete the Private Session Inquiry form below to schedule a time to connect. The call will last about 30 minutes.

  2. Confirm date and time. If studio rental is needed, I will inquire about availability. Upon confirmation of space, client submits payment below or via Paypal (

  3. I encourage every Client to invite 2-5 women she completely trusts to hold space, witness and participate with my guidance. We discuss this further on the call. 

  4. The day before the session we have a 10-15 minute call for any last preparations. 

  5. Post-session we have a 30-minute call.

There are two options regarding space:

  1. Your home. If you have sound proof space or don't have to worry about any neighbors because of the noise, this is an option to discuss. Additional travel expenses outside of NYC are not included.

  2. Studio rental. I rent a small studio space in Chelsea where there are other practitioners. Due to the noise that can be made, sessions are booked typically on the weekends and with some notice/availability on the weekdays. Note: For cancellations less than 7 days, if a studio is required and booked by me, client will incur cost of studio fee.

What to expect during the session?

Well, the first is to release the expectations, guessing or planning of what's going to happen. Spoiler alert! Even I don't know...I don't know the details, the how or the when. I do receive some intuitive insight, but I don't exactly know how it will unfold. I've done this enough to KNOW there's no map, timetable or order. What I do know for sure is the following:

  • I'm fiercely passionate about creating a sacred space for deeper healing. I take these sessions very seriously and with utmost reverence.

  • I don't have a personal agenda to get a woman to a specific place. If I had an agenda, it would be honoring what your body needs to feel and move through. We'll know in the moment.

  • I'm not going to push or make you go somewhere that you don't want to least not right away. You and your body will lead us through.

  • Just like you'd hire a tour guide to take you to known/unknown places, I'm your trusty guide who gets you through and to the other side. 

  • When the intention is clear and from a loving space from all participants, magic and healing occur. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email ( or call/text (917-833-5450).

Why am I your guide?

I've been in your shoes. The issues and details are different, but the need to feel and move through it we have in common. Frankly, I've created what I wished I had which was for someone to understand, be in it with me without judgements, to let me feel and express what felt natural in my body and guide me in ways that I couldn't see to the other side. Purely out of my own need and survival, I learned to hold and create this space for myself. When it came to being guided, I thankfully had discovered outlets and other women to assist me. They've helped me so that I can be in a place help you. I know this how women heal and support each other - together not alone. 

I’ve been on this journey of learning to listen and trust myself for YEARS. The more I cultivated my body connection my inner wisdom or intuition became even stronger that I discovered that I could connect and know what another woman needed to move her through her blocks while guiding her through authentic sensual movement.

I realized I have a gift for holding space for drawing out untapped emotions, helping you crack open to feeling and emotions that have previously been unattainable to release, teaching you how to cultivate a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and showing you how to do it in a sensual, pleasurable and turned on way.

I’ve done the work, continue to do the work and want to guide you through to the other side. 

Testimonials: See below. 

Cancellations & Refunds policy:

  • Private sessions are not refundable.

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Before coming to Ninna, I was feeling a lot. I was waking up each morning, in tons of grief. I have been going through a major transition in my life, and there was a lot of emotions in my body that wanted to be expressed. I was especially unhappy when it came to a work situation I was working with, I was desperate to leave, but couldn’t find enough courage to cut ties.

The session was so powerful, beyond words for me to describe here, but I will try. In that sacred room, I was so supported, witnessed and held in Ninna’s guidance (along with some other space holders). The session was deeply personal for me, so this was really important for me to feel this way. Ninna makes you feel extremely safe so that you can move where your body needs to go. She also shares so much love so that you can feel supported especially when times in the process feel challenging. Ninna is like a fierce mama, she takes you to a place which I think every body should be able to experience once in their life (if you’re ready for it)

Since the session, holy crap! I mean, everyone that I interact with can see the changes in my energy and how I come across. I have so much more energy and enthusiasm, and turn on! I also have a way new connection and appreciation with my body. I was able to feeeel the wisdom that my body had to say, which was beyond powerful for me. Events in my life are also unfolding naturally in a way with such effortlessness. With the job that I was super unhappy with? I was released from it in a natural organic way and it was just right timing.

What is so beautiful about Ninna’s work is that its all from a body perspective and that’s really where we have to feel it first before any change starts to happen. I mean you can tell yourself that you want to change, but if you don’t experience all the emotions from a body’s perspective, nothing really is going to shift or happen in your life. Thats exactly why this work is SO POWERFUL. And Ninna is an amazing expert at it, because she walks the talks every day of her life.

If you feel called to work with Ninna, just do it. Im serious. Don’t think about it, Trust me, it will be one of the best investments in yourself that you have ever made.

That your work is amazing!!!! and that anyone who is desiring to work with you, is so lucky to have you as part of guidance on their journey. I am so extremely grateful for our sacred swamp session!! :)
— With Love, Carrie
Just do it. What are you worth?
Are you ready to embody the sensual feminine freedom that is your birthright?
The surest way I know, in fact, the only way I know, is through the body. And the first step is getting out of your head and saying YES!!! Say yes to being held, transformed, loved and turned on. I can tap into my sensual sovereignty whenever I want! At any moment! It is not reliant or dependent on anyone else. It can be such a quiet solo sacredness. Above all, that it is mine and I have the tools to always return home within as a woman.
— E
I witnessed Ninna as she healed a woman through movement. After seeing the transformation from rupture to rapture I knew I had to work with her. I desired to experience that exact shift that I saw happen before my eyes. I was anonymously gifted a private session in my home with Ninna. What an amazing surprise and tremendous gift. Working with Ninna was such an intimate way to tap into my ability to embrace my emotions and feelings and experience them through movement. Thank you Ninna!
— Denise
Exclusive, intimate, one-on-one sessions will give you the opportunity to be held and witnessed by a woman so that you can bring this into your life.
— R


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