Live Embodied: Prescription Playlist

Live Embodied: Prescription Playlist

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Over the last couple of years in developing Live Embodied, I found myself advising friends with music and providing specific exercises to help them move through the emotions and get clarity for themselves. I can feel where the emotion is and suggest moves to help unlock and loosen them. I actually hear the music or lyrics and feel the exercises for you in my body. It could be one song or several songs.

The results always shifted something within the woman.

Music is a major part of the classes I lead. The women for whom I hold space, within my classes, drive the music selection based on their needs within the moment. This is why music is such an integral part of my movement style.

For example, I personally curate my own playlist of songs to help me feel and move through emotions and each time it varies. One day I may need to feel the sadness. Another day I need to feel inspired. In either case, the intention is to be with the various journey of emotions that come until I feel like myself – which is grounded and centered again.

Your own need for where you are in this moment in your life will guide the music personally selected and arranged for you. Whether you need to move through grief or sadness, jump for joy, attract love and abundance or inspiration, this is for you. Here are a couple of testimonials from women who have experienced positive shifts from my work with them.

To read what women have experienced check out the images to the left. 

In this private consultation with me, I will help you build a library of music for your sensual soul. Please select from one of the options to get your personalized playlist.

Song/Playlist including exercise(s) Options:

  • 1 song @ $25

  • 3 songs @ $50

  • 6 songs @ $75

  • 10 songs @ $100


  • Spotify account: Song/playlists will be shared via Spotify. You will have access to this playlist and can save it to your Spotify account (

  • Describe the issue and intention: Anything shared with me will be confidential. Please provide enough information in the form during the checkout to get the issue and feelings/emotions across. If I need more information, I will follow up.

The song/playlist will be sent to you within 48 hours of purchase. 

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