Kate's Live Embodied Celebration

Kate's Live Embodied Celebration


Kate has expressed a desire to be loved up, be seen, feel sensual and sexy in the company of her friends. You know what this means, ladies...bring your loving, sensual, and sexy selves to love yourself AND her up. She's selected you to seduce and celebrate her at her Live Embodied Birthday Celebration on Saturday, July 16th from 5-7pm!

Dinner will follow at a nearby restaurant and as we get closer, details will be provided. Please let me know if you plan to make the dinner too. When you register, there will be an option to RSVP for the dinner. 

To RSVP for the birthday celebration, just select add to cart below and complete the order process. Please RSVP by Thursday, June 30th.

Celebration starts promptly at 5pm here (meaning arrive 15-20 minutes before):  Moving Body Resources, 112 West 27th Street (between 6th/7th Ave), Ste. 400, New York, NY 10001. Studio instructions: For elevator access to the 4th floor, you must be buzzed in at the main door (enter 402). Once in the elevator, the elevator will be called up. Since there are other practitioners using the studio, please keep your voice low while in the lobby as you remove your shoes and hang your coats. The large studio is located down the hall (make a right when you get off the elevator).

Start time: Please arrive early (4:45pm) to change and get settled. Out of respect for the sacred space we create and the possible studio renter after us, it's important we start the celebration at 5pm so we end on time. Please allow plenty of time to find the space and change. 

What to wear: Something comfortable that you can easily move in. Ladies, if you're inspired and it's in your pleasure, bring something that makes you feel sexy. What brings a naughty smile to your face when you wear it? What do you think Kate will enjoy seeing you wear? There are bathrooms available to change. You may want to bring a robe or coverup as the bathrooms are outside of the large studio. You can also change in the back of the large studio. 

What to bring: Water. Anything you think she might enjoy...these Live Embodied celebrations can get quite interesting. Wink. If you have any questions, please email me at ninna@ninnaamora.com. 

If you've been to a Live Embodied class or experienced a Private Session, what makes a Celebration different? First, let's start with what makes it similar. It's similar in that it's a safe, sacred, and loving space to be. As always, there's a chance to connect with yourself first and plenty of connection and sisterhood to go around. What makes it different is that we're all there to honor and place our loving attention towards the Celebrant. Your presence and participation in this co-created experience is the gift that you're giving the Celebrant. Every Celebration I've done is unique to the Celebrant, however, what is consistent across these parties is the freedom to play, be sexy, play with your sensual, and have an amazingly fun and unforgettable time. Many women leave wanting a Celebration for themselves just because. 

On a more personal note as the creator of this, it's probably my most favorite experience to lead. I get to witness the deepening of friendships and sisterhood, the happy and joy filled tears and uncontrollable laughter that often ensues. Memories are made that resonate long after the celebration is over. Live Embodied Celebrations are everything loving and fun. 


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