Live Embodied Private for Creationistas

Live Embodied Private for Creationistas


Hello Creationista!

This is a special private class set up for you! Thank you Elizabeth for sharing her desire and Susanna for coordinating!

It's a body and soul invitation to embody the essence and truth of who you are.  It's an opportunity to feel and connect. It's cultivating a relationship between you and your body. Through guidance and exercises the movement is sensually and authentically yours. 

Testimonials: See below or here

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get settled. Class will start promptly. To respect the other students and experience, if you're not there on time, you will not be admitted. 

Class Location:

Moving Body Resource, 112 West 27th Street (between 6th/7th Ave - closer to 6th avenue), Ste. 400 

Studio instructions: For elevator access to the 4th floor, you must be buzzed in at the main door (enter 402, then press the green doorbell button). Once in the elevator, head up to the 4th floor. Since there are other practitioners using the studio, please keep your voice low while in the lobby as you remove your shoes and hang your coats. The large studio is located at the end of the hall (make a right when you get off the elevator). The bathrooms are right before the large studio. When you walk into the large studio, please place your things in the back of the room (the wall on the right when you walk in).

What to wear: Something comfortable that you can easily move in (example: yoga type clothing). Shoes are not required. Anything you can easily move around in. Yoga or athletic wear. No shoes are necessary. If you want to go the lingerie/courtesan/S Factor wear route, go for it. If you want to bring something that you don't mind tearing up, do so. Bring options for yourself - don't overthink it. Trust your pussy choice. There are bathrooms available to change.

What to bring: Journal and water


  • $55 per class

  • You will receive an email with additional class details Thursday.

Cancellations, Refunds & Late Arrivals policy:

  • Classes are not refundable.

  • Credit towards another class or private session are available when you notify me 24 hours prior to the class that you can't make it. 

  • Out of respect for the other students and the container I create, students who are more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted. 

Before taking Live Embodied, I was terrified about allowing my body to connect to the way I’m feeling. Whenever I would get upset about something, stressed out, or overwhelmed, I would shut my body off and keep all that upset in my head. My head and body would be so disconnected and it would result in feeling exhausted, stiff and isolated, from myself and other people. Not to mention I would get so stuck in my head when it came to making decisions that I was constantly paralyzed with indecision over what the next move was to make.

I love that every class is different, with different people in attendance and different activities. Ninna is so great about sensing what the room needs and going with it. Every class I receive something unique and perfectly timed. Whether I’m going through something really intense or I’m happy where I am, being able to move my body and connect to those feelings and that place keeps me in flow and plugged in. She has the intuition to give you just that little push you need to propel you towards deeper resonance in your own life. 

So much good has come from taking Live Embodied with Ninna. I’m able to connect more to what I’m feeling at any given moment, and recognize when I need to move my body. She’s given me the space to be exactly where and who I am, and feel confident in that. I’ve grown in my ability to be vulnerable, seen, and held by other people. I’ve grown in my ability to recognize when I’m the one holding myself back from my own power and desires. 

If someone was on the fence about taking the class, I would say that they’re in the perfect place. The beauty of Ninna’s class is that you don’t have to feel completely sure of what you’re getting into to get exactly what you need out of it. I recently brought two friends to Live Embodied that were unsure what they were getting themselves into, but willing to put themselves out there and trust me. They left feeling so motivated and connected, and wishing they were in New York a little longer to take more classes! Even if you’re on the fence, having the courage to try it is worth enough. At the end of the class you’ll feel more connected, vulnerable and recharged to go out and take on your life.

A lot of other classes don’t create a sacred space for you to be, and Ninna creates that. You can be fully you and then take that out into the world, as opposed to being one way for two hours, and it diminishing the second you walk out the door. ” - Katie

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