Live Embodied Private Sessions (90 minutes)

Live Embodied Private Sessions (90 minutes)


"I can tap into my sensual sovereignty whenever I want! At any moment! It is not reliant or dependent on anyone else. It can be such a quiet solo sacredness. Above all, that it is mine and I have the tools to always return home within as a woman." - E

With Live Embodied Movement, I’m passionate about women feeling and living more embodied. For you to feel, know and trust the inner wisdom, intuition of your body. Your body has its very own language and knowing. There is power in your feelings.

I’ve been on this journey to learning to listen and trust myself for YEARS. The more I cultivated my body connection my inner wisdom or intuition became even stronger that I discovered that I could connect and know what another woman needed to move her through her blocks while incorporating sensual movement.

I realized I have a gift for holding space for drawing out untapped emotions, helping you crack open to feeling and emotions that have previously been unattainable to release, teaching you how to cultivate a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and showing you how to do it in a sensual, pleasurable and turned on way.

I’ve done the work and want to show you how. I believe once you know how to do it for yourself, you can continue to discover and deepen the connection on your own or with the support of like-minded women. 

Private and private group sessions are a perfect opportunity to receive undivided attention, to be witnessed, seen and the experience is completely co-created together. The experience is a beautiful dance of your body speaking to me and I’m intuitively listening. I’m guiding and you’re following. It’s an opportunity to be with any emotions or feelings you have at the time and moving through them. Sometimes there are words and often times not. It’s a magical and divine experience. Just like my group classes, private sessions are unique experiences. No two are alike. We’ll honor where you are in each of our sessions.

Our sessions are safe and sacred spaces to be present and just be. We’ll meet privately in your home, in a private studio* in NYC, or virtually online. Whenever possible, your home is preferred because it’s where you live and where you’ll be most comfortable (it is a priority for me that you feel comfortable where you are – that eliminates at least half the battle to engaging in this body connection). Plus, while at your home together we can see what you already have to work with as far as clothing, music and space to create your custom sensual movement practice.

At your private sessions, you can expect:

  • A conversation to discuss the issue you would like to embody and move through. For private groups, I recommend no more than 4-5 women.

  • Creation of a custom playlist (which I will share with you via Spotify)

  • Guided movement

  • Exercises / assignments to try post-private session alone

Booking a session: 

  • If you're based in NYC and the session will take place in your home/hotel, you will be able to enter your address in the form when booking. 
  • *If the session will not take place in your home in NYC/hotel, email me ( to arrange a date and time before purchasing. Additional travel expenses outside of NYC are not included. Note: For cancellations less than 7 days, if a studio is required and booked by me, client will incur cost of studio fee.
  • Select purchase to pay for session. Sessions must be paid prior to the start.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email ( or call/text (917-833-5450).

Testimonials: See below. 

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Just do it. What are you worth?
Are you ready to embody the sensual feminine freedom that is your birthright?
The surest way I know, in fact, the only way I know, is through the body. And the first step is getting out of your head and saying YES!!! Say yes to being held, transformed, loved and turned on.
— E
Exclusive, intimate, one-on-one sessions will give you the opportunity to be held and witnessed by a woman so that you can bring this into your life.
— R
I witnessed Ninna as she healed a woman through movement. After seeing the transformation from rupture to rapture I knew I had to work with her. I desired to experience that exact shift that I saw happen before my eyes. I was anonymously gifted a private session in my home with Ninna. What an amazing surprise and tremendous gift. Working with Ninna was such an intimate way to tap into my ability to embrace my emotions and feelings and experience them through movement. Thank you Ninna!
— Denise