Live Embodied Reverence

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Live Embodied Reverence


In this 3-hour workshop, you will be guided to authentically feel into your movement. We'll get you out of your head of "shoulds" and so into your sensual body that by the last hour you'll be ready to show the room (and the world) what you've got. 

You'll learn:

  • Your own definition and feeling of embodied reverence

  • A whole lot more about being in your body than you give yourself credit for

  • How much being witnessed makes a difference in how you show up

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Class Location:

Moving Body Resource, 112 West 27th Street (between 6th/7th Ave - closer to 6th avenue), Ste. 400 

Studio instructions: For elevator access to the 4th floor, you must be buzzed in at the main door (enter 402, then press the green doorbell button). Once in the elevator, head up to the 4th floor. Since there are other practitioners using the studio, please keep your voice low while in the lobby as you remove your shoes and hang your coats. The large studio is located at the end of the hall (make a right when you get off the elevator). The bathrooms are right before the large studio. When you walk into the large studio, please place your things in the back of the room (the wall on the right when you walk in).

What to wear: Something comfortable that you can easily move in (example: yoga type clothing). I will provide additional guidance prior to the workshop Shoes are not required. There are bathrooms available to change.


  • You will receive an email with additional class details approximately 24-48 hours prior to the class. 


Within 24 hours of registration, you'll receive an email from me to register your guests. A couple of days prior to the workshop, I will send an email to your guests with details about arrival time (estimated arrival time between 8-8:15pm) and what to expect. 

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Cancellations, Refunds & Late Arrivals policy:

  • Classes are not refundable.
  • Credit towards another class or private session are available when you notify me 24 hours prior to the class that you can't make it. 
  • Out of respect for the other students and the container I create, students who are more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted. 


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