A Live Embodied Celebration is a much more intimate and sexier version of a regular Live Embodied class. Often the women already know each other, so the space is set for more freedom and play. Oh, and there’s so much more laughter and joy - it’s a celebration, remember?!

Every Celebration is customized and unique to the celebrant and their attendees.

Why did I create this?
I created Celebrations purely from my own desire and need to celebrate in a way that felt a lot more connected to the people I wanted to celebrate with. I was tired of going to a loud bar and feeling hungover the next morning. I wanted more than a nice dinner out and like the bar scene, I could hardly hear the people I was with. While I'm grateful for gifts, I didn't need another "thing". 

With everyone living such busy lives and mostly connecting over social media and cell phones, getting together to connect in person feels like the real gift. The gift of presence - someone showing up to spend some time with me. One of my top Love Language is "Gift of Time". I also didn't want to have to plan or worry about managing invitations and herding people to meet here or there at a certain time.

If it's your birthday, why should you have to be the one to worry about those details. 

Lastly, in my experience, when women connect in movement there's a vulnerable, intimate truth that deepens and strengthens bonds. The beauty of these Celebrations is that a majority of the women already know each other so the depth and richness of the experience is only magnified in the room and well beyond. The memories made are well worth it.

Is the Celebration offering only for birthdays?

Not at all! A celebration can be used for a Bachelorette party, a fun girls night out that feels connected, or you have a friend going through a difficult time and could use some cheering and loving up -- all are good reasons! Celebrations are customized to suit each celebration/group.

How long is the Celebration?
Two hours.

How does it work? And what can I expect?

There are a few roles, so it depends on which role fits...

Celebrant: The gathering is focused around this person receiving.
Co-host: My main contact point between Celebrant and Attendees.
Attendee: You’re there to support, love, give to the Celebrant.

Typically, the Celebrant has heard about the Celebrations or has attended as an Attendee and would like to be the Celebrant.  We chat about the Celebrant’s desires around how she wants to feel, logistics (date/time) and co-host identification. Once she’s identified the co-host to help with sending the invites and planning, the Celebrant surrenders and receives! (This alone requires a deeper dive!)

On occasion, a co-host has contacted me to coordinate the Celebration as a surprise.


It's an unforgettable and transformative experience.


Also known as, the Love Fairy or Love Angel. My co-conspirator.   


Your presence and participation make it everything and then some. You're the gift.